Saranda, Albania

Saranda is a small city in Albania located on a beautiful bay between the mountains and the Ionian Sea. It has beautiful natural features to be seen and historic sites that are world’s heritage sites. Saranda has a successful tourism sector and has been receiving thousands of visitors locally and internationally including artistic celebrities. Transportation here is mainly by ferry services.

The ferry connects the city to the transport network of other Albanian cities via two routes; Vlore to Bregu and Gjrokaster to Tepelene, Fier, and Tirana, where one can get a bus or taxi to other cities. The city is also connected to Greece via three routes; to the nearby Greek island of Corfu, by the border of Qafe Bota with Gumenitsa and by the Border with Ionians.

Accommodation offered in Sarandë ranges from low-budget to highly exclusive luxury locations for people of class. There are also plenty of private houses and apartments offered by locals for accommodation especially during the tourist’s high season period. Some of the notable hotels here include; the luxury five-star Hotel Butrint which is a bit expensive but very pretty. Another luxury hotel is “Hotel Duraku” whose rooms are very comfortable. Security is fully provided to protect tourists against threats.

There are many beaches near Saranda where tourists can enjoy the all-day-long summer sun and play various water sports in the sea. There are established marine sites where tourists can take a closer view of the wide variety of sea creatures.

The village of Ksamili is near Sarandë which is endowed with a beautiful beach and several small islands for tourist leisure occupation are one of the most popular tourist attractions. There is a bus from Sarandë serving both Ksamili and Butrint. Strolling on the beaches as you marvel at the wonderful views of the country, just relaxing on the sand or venturing deep into the sea for some activating sport fishing, the experience will always be unforgettable.

Butrint which lies just outside the village of Ksamili is one of the significant heritage sites in this world. It has been a city of many centuries including the byzantine era. It was abandoned during the Middle Ages due to the marsh surrounding which resulted in frequent malaria epidemic. Tourists are enjoying visits to the current archaeological site, which includes an impressive Roman amphitheater, а Byzantine Basilica, а Roman temple with mosaic floor, а beautifully carved lion’s gate as well numerous constructions built throughout the periods.

As you unwind in Sarandë you could also visit the old Castle of Lekures at ‘Qafa e Gjashtes’ (The Pass of Six) which is a nice place to visit and relax. Located write above Sarandë you will find a lovely outdoor restaurant within the castle from which you will have panoramic views of the Butrint lagoon, the island of Corfu on the Ionian Sea the inland mountains and the Sarandë Bay below. You could also enjoy the enchanting sunset view from this nice restaurant as you sip on a wonderful cup of coffee.

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