Miami, Florida – Tourist Attractions in Miami

When you go to Miami, it is understood that you are longing for pristine beaches and wild parties. From the crazy North to the party-intense South Beach, you’ll be assured that your cravings for sun and sand will be satisfied. The Atlantic Ocean is cool and settles itself in a brilliant blue colour that gives a beautiful radiance to Miami’s glowing white sand beaches. The best water sports like water skiing, powerboat riding and sailing. The beach line is filled with sunbathing spots to bask in the hot summer sun, sand buckets to build castles and fine fast food joints to collect nice drinks and snacks like pizza.

Another attraction within Miami Beach is Star Island. The colossal houses and stylish architecture is definitely worth taking a visit. The houses may be gated but it’s a public neighbourhood so you’re free to stroll around for as long as you like. Some celebrities such as Will Smith, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, and Shaquille O’Neal have bought houses on this island.

Aside from the famous beaches of Miami that makes it the number one spring break destination in the country, there are also several noteworthy attractions in the area that will make your vacation a one-of-a-kind getaway: The Frost Art Museum located at the Florida International University houses a variety of 1960s to 1970s American photography, ancient African and Asian bronzes, pre-Columbian artefacts dating back from 200 AD, and a growing number of Caribbean paintings.

The Lowe Art Museum standing at Stanford Drive also features varied antique collections ranging from ceramics, pottery and sculpture. It contains a collection of works of art from the Greco-Roman times and the Renaissance era. Indeed, it’s a showcase of art throughout the centuries.

If you’re looking for some physical activity, then the Venetian Pool is highly-recommended. Transformed from a limestone quarry into a pool with a waterfall in the 1920s, the area now serves as a swimming destination for both kids and adults. Water in the pool comes from a spring maintaining its natural ambience. Swimming lessons are also offered in the facility. However, bringing snacks or any food is not allowed. Another family-friendly destination is the Matheson Hammock Marina. This grassy park with a man-made pool has a full-service marina, picnic pavilions and nature trails. It also has a snack bar and a restaurant built into a historic coral rock building.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery is also a must-see. Just a piece of trivia – originally built in Segovia, Spain in 1141, the monastery was supposed to be a part of William Randolph Hearst’s estate in California. But because he ran out of money and the government did not allow him to build it in California, the monastery remained in New York until 1954. It was during that year when some businessmen bought the property and assembled it in Miami. Today, aside from being a church, it is also a popular wedding location. So, if you want to have a moment of silence and prayer here, remember to call the monastery personnel first to check if there’s a wedding taking place.

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