Dubai – Things to do in Dubai

Dubai City is known by many people as an oil-rich business hub with approximately 83% of the population made up of expatriates and overseas workers. But renown to most people, Dubai can be an all-in-one tourist destination fit for both the indoor and outdoor-type vacationers. For people who love basking under the sun, Dubai has some of the sandiest beaches in the world. Water-sport enthusiasts can choose from swimming to diving though sometimes, strong winds can make swimming difficult while the offshore construction for Palms and The World has limited the diving activities in the area.

Alternatively, one can take a long drive to the East Coast Emirate of Fujairah or Sharjah for an unforgettable diving experience. But for tourists coming from tropical locations where beaches can be found at every corner, Dubai can also offer alternative destinations ranging from mild to extreme adventures.

For a sporty experience, anyone can go to Al Safa Park to play sports like tennis, enjoy games in the arcade, ride bump cars or simply have a barbeque picnic. Water lovers, on the other hand, will certainly be delighted with the waterfalls and lagoon at Wild Wadi Park, located near the hotels of Jumeirah beach. Those missing the cool winter weather can take a skiing adventure at one of Dubai’s latest attractions located in the new Mall of the Emirates. The temperature inside is at -40C but one need not bring anything because the facility provides pretty much all the needed clothing and equipment with the exception of gloves and hat.

Speaking of winter, this season in Dubai marks several out-of-the-ordinary events like the Global Village. This is an annual event happening on the outskirts of the city where each country gathers and builds a small village showing a replica of their famous landmarks such as the Forbidden City of Beijing and Eiffel Tower of Paris. The admission fee is 5AED.

The Camel Race Track is also an unusual attraction where races are being held every Thursday and Friday. Of course, the Dubai experience will never be complete without a roller coaster ride over sand dunes at Desert Safari courtesy of Desert Drivers. One can also have fun sandboarding while waiting for the gorgeous sunset and the lavish dinner. Other attractions in the city include the Dubai Creek Cruise, Hot Air Balloon, and Dubai Zoo.

When it comes to dining, several restaurants are in place to serve even the most exotic cuisines on every continent. The table below shows a summary of delectable Dubai can offer to satisfy one’s cravings. Being one of the most industrialized cities in the area also makes Dubai a mega-shopping center. Among the most attractive buys in the city are textiles, gold, and electronics, offering a wide range of selections that are both affordable and of good quality. However, the appreciation of the Dirham has gradually changed Dubai’s status as a bargain capital, with some chain stores selling goods at 20-30% mark-up when converted to Dirham.

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