Tourist Attractions in Fiji

Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific region. Fiji consists of three hundred and twenty-two islands and many islets. It is close to French New Caledonia and North Island. Fiji has lots of attractions to showcase to its tourists. It has many lovely beaches, superb landscape features, unique animal and marine species and historic sites. As one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, there are lots of places to go to Fiji. Fiji Islands are largely covered by green forest vegetation. The islands have many volcanic features one of them being the Tomanivi Mountain, which is the highest mountain in the whole region of Fiji.

This mountain is visited, hiked and climbed in the Viti Levu Island. This island is one of the most populous islands of Fiji and it houses the capital of Fiji that is Suva City. There are so many different things to do in Fiji. You will need to be active during all your vacation to manage to explore most of the island.

The botanical gardens in Suva City are a magical creation because of their mind-blowing beauty. Many plant species with colorful flowers are nurtured in these gardens. At the center of the area coverage of the botanical gardens is the Fiji Museum. This museum houses most of the history of the Fiji Islands. There are archaeological artifacts, traditional items and cultural displays that explain clearly the unique culture of the Fijians. These old items date back to more than three thousand years ago.

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is a complex park with a wide variety of attractions to be seen. This park has an extensive landscape with beautiful; hills, slopes and valleys. The jungle forests and highland areas are spectacular sites for various adventure activities like hiking. The hills of sand are unique natural features hence the name of the park – Sand Dunes. The national park is also a historic site because many ancient items like pottery materials, gravesites and many archaeological items that are over two thousand years ago can be found in it. History of certain eras through these remains and oral history is told in the historic sites of the national park.

Beachcomber Island is a tourist site itself. It is a small island set aside to be the beach paradise for anyone who wants to hang around in the perfect beach, with beautiful coastal waters, surrounding, palm trees, bright restaurants and a cool shopping center with bars and night clubs. This place revives people’s souls and makes them feel no longer old but younger than their old age.

The Naval Village is the actual representation of the real Fiji culture. The village shows the pure traditional culture of the Fiji people from their mode of building their houses and their customary drink known as “kava”.

A boat cruise around Fiji region is the best experience of touring all the islands and outlets of Fiji. The appearance of the groups of islands surrounding each other and also discovering many other islands that are secluded from any kind of human population make the boat cruise an interesting activity or the tourists.

Navua River is a large river in the Viti Levu Island. This river has been a major attraction site because of the water rafting sport that takes place at the secluded part of the river set aside for this particular sport. This river locates itself on the eastern side of the island.

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