Things to do in Fiji

Fiji is an active island nation with many fun activities that take place. It is blessed with numerous islands, beaches, natural forests and beautiful landscapes that never miss being included in the fun of touring this island nation. There are so many different places to go to Fiji. It is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world visited by millions of tourists every year. Exploring this island will allow you to see lots of different tourist attractions in Fiji. One major activity at Fiji is the cruises around the islands and islets of Fiji. The cruises usually take many days hence each day is set to find out a new island of the nation.

These cruises enable tourists to be able to see many physical features like the high volcanic mountains, the large lagoons, isolated islands and islets, many colorful sea bird species and the virgin forests of the islands among other sites to be seen in this discovery trips.

Fiji is a country of golf. Fiji has a good selection of golf courses within its major islands. Its landscape is favorable for this game. One of the golf sites is the Sheraton Fiji Resort with fifteen holes and a landscape pampered with coconut palm trees making the serene coastally beautiful. There are also golf courses for training visitors or new members who may have never known how to play the game.

Fiji has been known as the best destination to hold a honeymoon and wedding. Its islands are so beautiful that anyone would want to take pictures of them. Fiji has local professional wedding planners that can help foreigners to fix their wedding occasion in the strategic view of the green-blue Pacific Ocean, the soft breeze of the ocean, the sparkling waters reflecting the rays of the welcoming sun making the occasion a whole memorable moment.

Hiking through the mangrove forest is an adventurous journey in Fiji. Most of the islands including the Viti Levu Island have heavy mangrove vegetation with established hiking trails. Trips around the forests are done by boat cruise because the mangroves are found of growing and emerging from underwater. While on the cruise, tourists can optionally catch some fish at the delta of Rewa River. This mangrove forest hiking also opens the world of tropical wildlife species inhabiting the islands.

Fiji hosts several traditional Fiji dances to entertain its tourists. Tourists get the chance to join in the dances and experience the pleasure of being a Fiji by wearing the skirts made of grass, the flower leis, and some traditional clothing as they dance within the Fiji traditional songs.

The Batilamu Mountain is a great site with many attractions to be seen. Tourists can hike at this mountain, visit nearby Fiji villages; explore the rare natural vegetation and the supersonic sights of the peaks of this huge mountain.

The white sand beaches are the liveliest spots for tourists. Many tourists sunbathe in the hot summer sun, dive into the ocean, sail, surf over great waves of the ocean and even scuba dive into the Beqa Lagoon to get a glimpse of the beautiful, complex aquatic environment of the ocean. Restaurants, shopping centers, bars, and night clubs are available to shop for souvenirs alongside desirable items, dine the delicious Fiji cuisine and enjoy parting throughout the night.

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