Places to Visit in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a nation consisting of a large group of islands. Of course, it would take many days to visit all the islands with many places to explore in this island nation. The capital city of French Polynesia is in the most populated island, Tahiti Island. This is Papeete City. It is the most modernized city among all urban areas in the islands. There is an international airport in the city that makes it possible for foreign tourists to visit the islands from abroad. There are large shopping centers where many useful items ranging from foodstuff to clothing and souvenirs are offered. Fine restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs can also be found in the city. There are many things to do in French Polynesia.

The islands are too many hence they are classified into six groups to be able to identify them easily as you tour and visit places in these islands. These groups are Marquesas, Society, Tuamotu, Gambier, Austral and Bass Islands. Those are some of the greatest tourist attractions in French Polynesia.

Tahiti Island has lots of places to be visited apart from its large city of Papeete. Tahiti Island is a member of the Society group of Islands. It has harbors where ships anchored and even canoe-racing is enjoyed at the harbor. Its parks are beautiful and impressive with unique plants and animal species displayed in the parks. Many historic sites like the Museum of Tahiti, Pearl Museum and the old building of the colonial era are still preserved on this island. Visit the volcanic mountain of Aorai which is among the highest mountains in Tahiti Island. It is a fun place to go on hiking and mountain climbing.

The beaches of Moorea island are wonderful places to enjoy the hot summer sun aside from the warm Pacific Ocean. Nature tours within the island open to the world of jungles and mountainous landscape. Many archeological stations can be revealed within the island with several artifacts to display in the sites. Hauru is a place at shores of Moorea Island where tourists can access snorkeling facilities to enter into the marine environment of the ocean and get a glimpse of the ocean’s splendid living species.

Huahine Island is more of a historic island with many historic sites ot be visited. There are many ancient temples known as “Marae” that still stand on this island. The island is one of the mid-seized populated islands of French Polynesia. It has a town on the coast called Fare where tourists can hang around and purchase desirable items in its shops.

Bora Bora island has amazing coastal beauty. Its lagoons are large and they look beautifully combined with the white sand beach of the island. Bora Bora has sites for snorkeling, swimming, sailing and surfing along its beaches. Many international hotel chains are located here. The Intercontinental Hotel serves tourists at this beautiful vibrant island. Bora Bora is one of the most famous places in the world. It is visited by millions of tourists every year. It has the greatest sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

French Polynesia Paradise

Austral Island is known for its hiking site and beautiful lagoon feature. Rurutu is the major hiking site on this island. Snorkeling activities take place in the huge Tubuai Lagoon. Off Rurutu site into the Pacific Ocean, lots of engine boats are available for traveling into the Paciifc Ocean to see and even take pictures of the gigantic whales. Check out our travel guide to French Polynesia for more information about this beautiful travel destination.

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