Italy – The European Romantic Country

Italy is one of the highest-ranked tourist destinations in Europe. It is a state that has astounded the world with its high population of heritage sites and its long history covering thousands of years of civilization of the Italian empire that is now a state. Italy is situated in the southern part of the European continental territory. It has all that tourists would love to meet in any tourist destination; like beautiful, dynamic landscape features, historic landmarks, museums, galleries, lovely restaurants and hotels, romantic sites for couples, nice white sandy beaches, extensive shopping centers, vibrant nightlife and much available, high-quality accommodation facilities.

There are lots of stunning places to visit in Italy. Its capital city of Rome has stood out to be the most important center for the country by being the capital even more than one thousand years ago.

There are several gateways into Italy. Visitors can use airplanes, international train service, vehicle or ferry transport. For those living outside the European continent or away from the states bordering Italy, then air transport is convenient for them. One of the airlines that reach out to many major cities across the world is Italy’s own Alitalia. There are many airports to land in Italy namely: Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports in Rome, Malpensa and Linate Airports in Milan, and BLQ Airport in Bologna.

On the other hand, Italy is connected to several European states by international train travel. Tourists in the following states can use international trains to arrive at Italy’s central train station: France, Croatia, Austria, Geneva, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain. France, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Austria have road connections to Italy’s major cities, but foreigners are often checked by security at the borders before they are allowed to enter Italy. Ferries from Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, France, Genoa and harbors of some North African states arrive at Italy’s ports as one of their destinations.

Tourists can choose from world-class hotels, nice hostels, rental apartments, and camping sites to spend their nights. Most luxurious are located close to tourist sites and they the best quality sleeping equipment and dining facilities for all-time meals. Camps are available for those who love camping. The camping sites are well organized to ensure that all campers get all their needs satisfactorily. There is a huge range of different things to do in Italy. You should not miss this amazing destination.

There are many attractions sites to visit in Italy. Most of them are actually historic sites. Museums open to visitors are; Ufizi Museum in Florence, Egyptian Museum in Turin, Roman Civilization Museum in Rome and the Vatican Museum in Vatican situated at the center of Rome City. Explore the antique paintings of talented artists in the seventeenth-century palace known as the Brera Art Gallery.

Porto Antico houses a large aquarium with several sea creature species from the smallest to the large sharks of the sea. Visit Vatican State and have the Roman Catholic experience as well as seeing historic items of the religion. The Saint Peter Basilica is a must to visit because it dates several centuries ago and still stands as the major Catholic Church among all catholic churches in the world.

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