Miami, USA

Spice it up in Miami, Florida

Known for its beaches, nightlife, music, and great food, Miami is a city of warmth; whether it’s from lying on the warm beach, partying it up in a night club, or munching on some local spicy food, Miami is sure to warm you up!

Getting to Miami:

Miami International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world. Miami is a very popular destination so it may be possible to get a direct flight to Miami from your starting location. Public transportation is available from the airport, but the best option is to grab a taxi or rent a car from the Rentco, especially if you have a lot of luggage as the public transport can often be quite crowded. While visiting the city, public transport is useful in the downtown area, but a car rental might be a good idea you would like to explore other areas of Miami.

See and Do in Miami:

A day trip to Miami Beach, Florida just minutes from the city, will lead to the discovery of miles of beaches. Miami is a beautiful spot to rent a boat or yacht and go out on the bay. You can also take cruises out from the port of Miami if you are not a sailor. Another way to see the Miami scenery is by hot air balloon. Flights that leave at sunrise are available year-round and will take you over Biscayne Bay, the Everglades, and the Miami skyline. At the Oleta River State Recreation Park, you can bike, hike, kayak, canoe, swim, sunbathe on the beach and have a picnic in Florida’s largest urban park. You can also spot some local wildlife here, look up and you may even see eagles flying overhead.

Miami has many special events that take place throughout the year. Take part in the Carnaval Miami in starting in late February and going into March. In May, the month is dedicated to local museums during Miami Museum Month. Local museums stage special events, open new exhibitions, and offer to buy one get one free special. A visit in November puts you front and center for Live Music Month.

Orlando, Florida, USA skyline at Eola Lake.

Miami’s Food Culture

Miami is renowned for its food culture; from unique fusions to food festivals Miami knows how to enjoy a meal. There are several special cuisines unique to Miami, one known as New World, Nuevo Latino or Florribean is a blend of local produce, Latin American and Caribean traditional flavours, and European techniques. Many fine restaurants in Miami feature it on their menus. The other is ‘New World Symphony’ which is Latin, Asian, and Caribbean fusion made with fresh local ingredients.

A great time to visit Miami and experience its unique cuisine is during the ‘Miami Spice’ which takes place in August and September. ‘Miami Spice’ allows you to get a quality gourmet meal from the participating restaurants at a flat rate that is much less than it would normally be.

Miami is a city that likes to party and what better way than to have a good meal and a good time at one of Miami’s combined restaurants and nightclubs.

When to go and where to stay in Miami:

For a luxurious relaxing stay book a hotel in Miami, many hotels include spas, pools, and close by beach access. If you would prefer something more rustic and plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, the Oleta River State Recreation Park has cabins available for rentals on the premises.

Miami is a great place to visit year-round because of the temperate weather. The waters around the beaches do get cooler in the winter though, so if you are planning on swimming that might not be the best time. Whatever time of year you visit, Miami is sure to have something special to offer, after all this is a city of great food, special events, and whole months devoted to things such as music, food, and museums. Enjoy your trip to Miami, Florida!

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