Places to go in Hawaii

Hawaii has many colorful ways of life. This is a state which is highly interesting for travelers from around the world because of the cultural mix and the numerous places to be visited there. If you are planning your vacation in Hawaii, you should be prepared, since there are so many places to go to Hawaii and there will be probably not enough time to visit them all. That’s why you should try to pick the most attractive and be ready once you are there. We are going to present to you some of the most interesting places to go, that we believe one Hawaii vacation should definitely include.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is most likely the most popular landmark in the state of Hawaii. It is well known by events that occurred here in World War ll. Inspired by those historical moments, there are a couple of museums that keep part of those moments that happened then. You will be able to see an aviation museum with unique fighter airplanes, such as a restored submarine or a battleship from that period. There are plenty of ways to find out the stories about Pearl Harbor so if you are interested in it, don’t forget to visit it while you are on your Hawaii vacation. There are so many things to do in Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Image source: Pearl Harbor Tours

Polynesian Cultural Center

Located one hour away from Waikiki, you can visit the top paid tourist attraction in Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center. This is one of the most visited attractions in Hawaii, and the main reason for that is because you are able to be part of the adventures that are going on in seven different local villages. You can experience the local Hawaiian culture right from where it belongs. Going on a vacation in Hawaii without visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center is something that should not happen. Experiencing the biggest Polynesian night show is something you will never forget.


Other tourist attraction in Hawaii you should not miss is the Haleakala National Park and its volcano which is nonerupting but active. Visiting this national park is a great adventure followed by a beautiful landscape and many stories. If you want to find out the most of this island, you can hire a guide or just join some group that is going around the park. If you want to explore by yourself you can go alone, but make sure you know where you are going. There are many birds, animals and other creatures that can only see here on the Hawaiian Islands.

Haleakala National Park


The most attractive city in Hawaii is the state capital, Honolulu. This is a modern city with so many popular places to go in, and it is visited mostly by people that are spending their vacation on the beautiful beaches of Waikiki. Honolulu is also known as the home of the most attractive harbor in the United States, Pearl Harbor. It is located in the southeastern shore of the famous Hawaiian island Oahu. This is a multicultural city which is very important for the Hawaiian economy, because of the trade and shipping network between North America and Asia.

Honolulu Waiikiki

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