A guide for an amazing French Polynesia Vacation

When someone says French Polynesia, the only thing you ring the bell for is the turquoise blue waters, beaches, cocktails, relaxation and a paradise dream vacation in the sun that will make anyone envy. Most of the people define this place as the Gardens of Eden, others as a Paradise. When it comes to me, I simply define it as a DREAM. One look at the clear blue oceans and sunny beaches will make you stay there forever. No wonder people say they will do anything to spend a fraction of their precious time there. There are so many tourist attractions in French Polynesia. You should try to explore most of them.

General info

What makes French Polynesia interesting is the fact that it consists of a land area of 1,622 sq. mi (4,167 square kilometers) scattered over 965,255 sq. mi ( 2,500,000 square kilometers ) of an ocean. What we are interested in is that tiny fraction of land area divided in 130 islands packed together in these 6 groups:  Austral Islands, Bass Islands, Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands, Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago.
There are many amazing places to visit in French Polynesia. The most famous islands in these six groups are Maupiti, Meheti’a, Mo’orea, Ahē, Hiva ‘Oa, Mai’ao, Nuku Hiva, Ra’iātea, Taha’a, Te Ti’aroa, Tupua’i, Tūpai, Bora Bora and the most popular – Tahiti. Otaheite or Tahiti as it is known today is the most popular island in French Polynesia often mistaken as the name of the country itself. It contains the capital city of Papeete and 69% of the population of French Polynesia. The island is formed from two landmasses known as Tahiti-Nui (Big Tahiti) and Tahiti-Iti ( Small Tahiti).

Things to do in French Polynesia

This dream place is famous for the variety of things you can do while staying there. Scuba diving in the shallow lagoons or the one in a lifetime impression from ocean drop-Offs is probably the best thing to do. Snorkeling with sharks and manta rays is probably another good thing you can do in French Polynesia. Taste of the Polynesian cuisine prepared from exotic fruits, fresh fish and vegetables spiced in a unique way is a one-time life experience that you are not supposed to miss. Other activities counted in here are jeep safari, climbing, hiking, visiting archeological places, museums and etc.

The climate in French Polynesia

You would probably wonder when is the best time to go there. I would say any time. But there are some tips you need to know so you can decide for yourself. The dry season comes to stage from April through October. At that time you have a maximum temperature of 82°F (28°C), and it can fall down to 68°F (20°C) in the mornings. The wet season, on the other hand, comes to the stage from November till April.

In that Period of time, you have rain, humidity and a temperature of 84°F ( 29°C ) during the day and 72°F (22°C) during the night and the mornings. Note that the climate can vary according to the island group you are in (are you going to be closer to the equator or further away in a certain period of time). Our Tip for best timing is in September – October, and May – June, across combo of easy to find accommodation and not to warm and humid climate.

Transport in French Polynesia

The transportation trough French Polynesia is with plane or boat. If you are seasick or having problems traveling by plane your vacation is not going to be as pleasant as you would expect.

Language in French Polynesia

The official language is French. Unless you have a knowledge of French or you are a native resident, in which case most of you won’t be, you are going to be faced with serious problems. All do most of the people who work in restaurants, hotels and any other branch of tourism will know English and several other languages like Italian, German or Japanese, the majority of the population will face harsh times when communicating with you.

The solution to this problem is simple and genius: Learn French. Taking a crash course in French will prove a wise thing before taking this trip. Grabbing a dictionary before joining the raid ain’t going solve your problem if you don’t know a clue in French. After all, this is not going to ruin your vacation, but it would definitely make it better.

Crime in French Polynesia

The crime rate in French Polynesia is really low. The only thing that you have to pay attention to is to pickpocketing. If you pay more attention you might not have any problems.


The currency used in French Polynesia is CFP franc. The initials of the CFP franc mean – (Pacific Financial Community when translated in English). It is wise to check convert rates from a dollar, euro, and any other currency before traveling to French Polynesia. It might give you valuable info. For 1 US Dollar, you can get around 90 CFP francs, or for 1 Euro you can get 120 CFP francs until 02/April/2019. For an accurate convert, rates check out more info on the internet.


The best product you can buy in French Polynesia is Black Pearls. The most profitable industry after Polynesian tourism is the farming of this precious product. The black pearls are a symbol for this country and it can take part in your collections as long as you can afford it. The final thing that I want to mention is that enjoying a dream vacation in the sun of this type an ain’t coming cheap. If your pocket is pretty big then you can enjoy this paradise place, otherwise, it will remain a dream. Wish you best of luck, and if you go there simply Enjoy It.

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