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Cape Cod, USA

Cape cod beach sky view

The many faces of Cape Cod are absolutely inviting, and there is no denying that this arm-shaped peninsula on the easternmost side of Massachusetts is in every discerning tourist’s bucket list. Read More »

Wisconsin, USA

Wisconsin State Capitol

“America’s Dairyland” is what Wisconsin is known for courtesy of its dairy heritage, but because this part of the United States is home of thousands of inland lakes, as well as two great lakes-- Lake Superior and Lake Michigan-- it can be aptly called as “America’s Waterworld” as well. Read More »

Galveston Island, USA

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure View

Galveston Island is where most of the cruise ships with port of call in Texas enter, but there is more to this place than a ship entry point. The island is in fact one of the sought-after resort destination, as more and more hotels, shopping centers and restaurants have sprawled over the years. Read More »

The Rocky Mountains, Canada

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains, commonly called The Rockies, are a region in Canada that runs through the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Simply breathtaking, The Rockies boast of diverse terrain comprised of jagged snow-capped mountain peaks, lush rainforests, crystal-clear mountain lakes and veil-like waterfalls—attractions that entice millions of tourists all over the globe to travel to this side of Canada. Read More »

Guadeloupe, Carribean


Guadeloupe has everything a discerning traveler wants on a trip: picturesque natural scenery composed of lush rainforests, magical waterfalls, pristine beaches and lovely villages; and urban attractions comprised of shopping hubs, dining options and active nightlife. Read More »

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta

Being a famous tourist spot blessed Puerto Vallarta with excellent accommodations and delightful dining scene. Once a timid fishing village, Puerto Vallarta now ranks close to Acapulco, and it is proud to have numerous activities and breath-taking attractions for the visitors to enjoy. Read More »

Acapulco, Mexico


With the stunning Acapulco Bay on its west and the jagged Sierra Madre on its east, there is nothing like the Acapulco when it comes to attractions and sight-seeing. Acapulco has long been a famed tourist destination, an in-demand honeymoon location and highly-sought by party people. Read More »

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia

Nicely sitting in eastern Canada, Nova Scotia, or "New Scotland" in Latin, is one of the country's three maritime provinces and is included among the four Atlantic provinces. Being enveloped by ocean, Nova Scotia becomes a place where you can experience the majestic sea and its cool air. Read More »

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