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The Rocky Mountains, Canada

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains, commonly called The Rockies, are a region in Canada that runs through the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Simply breathtaking, The Rockies boast of diverse terrain comprised of jagged snow-capped mountain peaks, lush rainforests, crystal-clear mountain lakes and veil-like waterfalls—attractions that entice millions of tourists all over the globe to travel to this side of Canada. Read More »

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia

Nicely sitting in eastern Canada, Nova Scotia, or "New Scotland" in Latin, is one of the country's three maritime provinces and is included among the four Atlantic provinces. Being enveloped by ocean, Nova Scotia becomes a place where you can experience the majestic sea and its cool air. Read More »

Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Canada

The province of Quebec is located in Eastern Canada and it is one of the largest in the country. Among the various tourist destinations in North America, Quebec is really unique in every way. Unlike its neighbors where English is the main language, Quebec has a rich French heritage and its unique Francophone culture is well preserved. Read More »

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is the economic and political capital of Quebec, Canada. It boasts of being Canada’s second largest city and it is extremely rich in history, culture and has been rated as one of North America’s liveliest cities. Read More »

Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada

Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and it is also the provincial headquarter of Ontario. It is one of the mightiest cities in North Africa. Thanks to Canada’s highly liberal policies on immigration and the strong economy of the region, Toronto has grown to become one of the most ethnically and most culturally cities in the world. Read More »

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada and Niagara Falls, its twin sister city in New York is regarded as the world capital city for honeymoon. Since time in memorial, the grandeur falls created by Niagara River have always attracted millions of tourists to the destination. Read More »


Canada beauty

Canada is the largest North American country and the second biggest in the world by size after Russia. The country is well known for its vast landscape that is almost untouched. With its multifaceted historical background, the county features an amalgamation of different cultures and is among the world top tourist destinations. Read More »

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