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Bolivia – Travel Guide


Because of its geographic features, diverse cultural influences and fascinating natural landscapes, Bolivia is known as a famous destination in South America. It is considered one of the most remote places in the western hemisphere, which turned out to be an advantage as most of the country’s dramatic assets remained untouched despite the passing of times. Two major airports located in La Paz and Santa Cruz serve as visitor’s entry point to the many adventures and attractions in Bolivia. Meanwhile, ... Read More »

Bogota, Colombia


Bogota is fast becoming Latin America’s world-class tourist spot. Due to its urban highlights, many people flock to Bogota to take part of its unlimited opportunities. What is impressive about Bogota is that, despite its quick approach to modernity, it carefully retains its picturesque natural scenery which makes this side of Colombia more inviting. If you are planning a trip that will result to an extraordinary experience, heading to Bogota is an excellent choice. The visit to Bogota usually begins ... Read More »

Aysen Region, Chile – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Located in the Chilean Patagonia, Aysen Region is Chile’s pristine destination meant for a memorable getaway. Nestled on the southern side of the country, Aysen Region is the least populated region of Chile and is considered the most beautiful among discerning travelers. With the region’s unique history and marvelous windswept landscapes, there’s a lot in store for every visitor going to Aysen. The region’s 300 bright days of sunshine makes the visit to Aysen an extraordinary experience. Blessed with a ... Read More »

Margarita Island, Venezuela – Travel Information


Margarita Island is one of the Caribbean islands sitting in Venezuela. Endowed with palm-tree lined beaches and blessed to have the cool wind of the Caribbean Sea, t is easy to define Margarita Island as paradise with tropical beauty. Apart from its wealth of natural attractions, Margarita Island also presents an inviting destination for shopping and dining. With all its irresistible attributes, Margarita Island is no doubt one of Venezuela’s famous tourist destinations. This mountainous Caribbean paradise enjoys a year-round ... Read More »

Puerto Rico – Travel Guide and Travel Info

Puerto Rico

The splendid green paradise, sunny climate and sandy beaches neighboring the surrounding green waters of the Caribbean, makes an attractive welcome into this popular island of Puerto Rico. This island country is located in the Central American region, alongside other Mexican-like regions. Puerto Rico’s fashion-identity that includes Rican sisal hats, colorful-sway dresses, and impressive unity of the people, completes the mark of the Puerto Rican society. Puerto Rico has a republican government, but its laws are subject to the United ... Read More »

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Travel Guide


Galapagos Islands refer to a small but stunning archipelago of islands in Ecuador in eastern Pacific Ocean. These islands are quite isolated and very remote and lye some 1000 km west of South American Continent. In total, there are 13 main islands in Galapagos Islands and six smaller isles that together cover about 50, 000 sq km of the ocean. The archipelago is very famous thanks to its fearless and unique wildlife, most of which is an inspiration of Natural ... Read More »

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Travel Guide


Officially known as the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires or Federal Capital/ Capital Federal, Buenos Aires is the capital city of the republic of Argentina. Buenos Aires is translated to mean fair winds/ good air and boasts of being among the top largest cities/ metropolitan cities of Latin America. The city is culturally rich and it is the transport hub in Argentina when travelling to other parts of the country. People residing in Buenos Aires are known as the ‘people ... Read More »

Machu Picchu, Peru – Travel Guide


Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, commonly referred to as ‘Lost City of Incas’. When visiting Peru, your holiday vacation can never be complete without landing in Machu Picchu. However, Machu Picchu is not only crowded by a visit here can be quite expensive for the average traveler. These ruins were first discovered to the world of science in 1911by an American archaeologist by the name Hiram Bingham. Machu Picchu has quite a remarkable story and it is ... Read More »

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