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Marco Island, Florida – Travel Guide


Originally named San Marco Island by the Spaniards, Marco Island is the biggest and solely developed land among Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. The beaches of Marco Island are the superstar of the region, followed by the tropical climate that makes exploring the stunning surrounds and enjoying the waters possible. Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico in the Southwest region of Florida, Marco Island is the state’s most magical, alluring and splendid tourist destination. Marco Island’s miles of white-sand beaches make ... Read More »

Savannah, Georgia – Tourist Attractions


Georgia must be proud to have Savannah as its oldest city that perfectly defines its culture, heritage and tradition. It has a perfect blending of history and urbanity, sophisticated lifestyle and low-key living, upscale malls and quaint antique shops, and more contrasting yet harmonious attributes. Despite the surge in development, commercialism and modernization, Savannah was able to keep its ancient architecture intact and its lush landscapes well-preserved.  With all its impressive features and captivating elements, Savannah can be easily described ... Read More »

Curacao, Caribbean – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Curacao Island, one of the majestic islands in the Caribbean, holds too many titles that best describe how beautiful this island is. Among its titles include “The top 5 cities in the Caribbean,” “Favorite Caribbean destination,” and “Caribbean honeymoon hot spot”. With majestic beaches, gentle winds, rich heritage, and captivating sights, it is not hard to understand why Curacao has become in-demand for travelers and adventure-seekers all over the world. If you are travelling to Curacao, Halo International Airport, near ... Read More »

Carmel, Monterey Peninsula, California – Travel Guide


Carmel-by-the-sea, or simply Carmel, sits in the Monterey Peninsula in the US state of California. Carmel is famous for the wonders of nature that encompass the entire city, giving accent to the highly-preserved historic structures and ancient architecture evident in all corners of the city.  Being located in the Pacific Coast makes Carmel an enchanting oceanside town. It takes pride of the pristine, white beaches and stunning natural scenery that can only be found in this part of the peninsula. ... Read More »

British Virgin Islands – Caribbean Travel Destination


The British Virgin Islands, or the BVI as they are popularly known, comprise of more than sixty islands and cays, many of them are tiny and uninhabited. The inhabited islands are the most visited ones, and thanks to its charm and appeal, the British Virgin Islands have become a famous tourist destination in the Caribbean. The economy of BVI continues to be stable and strong, thanks to its tourism that acts as major contributor to the region’s affluence. Among the ... Read More »

Anguilla, Caribbean – Travel Guide


Anguilla, a once British colony and once inhabited by people of African descent, is an island that sits in the Eastern Caribbean on the east side of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It is an island that is easy and casual, embraced by natural beauty and housed by warm and welcoming locals. With its pleasant appeal and attractive features, Anguilla Island has become a world-famous destination in no time. The economy of this quiet and tranquil island hugely depends ... Read More »

Kauai, Hawaii – Travel Guide


Kauai, nestled in the north-west part of the major islands of Hawaii, is the region’s oldest island. Best known for its lush greens, vibrant blossoming flowers and tropical attributes, there is no wondering why Kauai is tagged as Hawaii’s Garden Island. Some parts of Kauai are only accessible by air or sea, which tickles one’s imagination of what is in store in the island. Being the oldest of all the islands of Hawaii, it gave Kauai ample time to grow ... Read More »

The Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Caribbean


The Grand Cayman is the largest among the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is a tropical paradise suitable for water lovers, snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts. Its tons of attractions, mostly heavenly beaches, make Grand Cayman a favorite destination of anyone seeking sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So many tourists are coming here every year mostly because of the breathtaking beaches and crystal clear water. The climate here is tropical marine comprising of warm, ... Read More »

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