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Aruba, Caribbean – Travelers Guide


Aruba is found about 15 miles north of Venezuela coast. Together with Curacao and Bonaire, it is referred as the ABC Islands, and together with other Dutch Islands found in the Caribbean, it forms the Netherlands Antilles otherwise known as Dutch Caribbean. Defined by just 100,000 inhabitants and the lack of major cities, it is easy to conclude that Aruba is such a tranquil place. The island is flat, with few hills and no rivers, yet a paradise of white ... Read More »

Nashville, Tennessee – Travel Guide

Nashville, Tennessee 7

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee, situated on the Cumberland River in the state’s north central part. Because of the substantial contribution it gives the music industry, most particularly the country music, Nashville has become the ‘’Country Music Capital of the World.’’ In recent years, Nashville has proven itself as more than just a music city—it is a city where culture meets history, where natural beauty effortlessly blend with urbanization without stripping away its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The ... Read More »

Charleston, South Carolina – Travel Guide

Charleston-South-Carolina (1)

Ranked in the country as one of the most visited cities, Charleston is the oldest and the 2nd largest state of the southeastern South Carolina. The city, whose name signifies the honor to King Charles II of England, is known for its highly-preserved historical structures of almost hundred years old which create a majestic character as the surrounds exude a nostalgic air. It is a seaport city where two prominent rivers’ peninsula, Ashley and Cooper, is where the downtown is ... Read More »

Branson, Missouri – Travel Guide

Branson Real Estate - White Water

Nested in the majestic Ozark Mountains, Branson has become the famed city of Missouri not just because of its natural beauty but also because of its medley of shows, entertainment, lights and night life. Its close resemblance to Las Vegas due to the city’s seemingly endless live shows and attractive sights make it a popular destination not just to its neighboring cities but also from tourists around the world. Nowadays, the city of Brandon is referred to as ‘’the strip’’ ... Read More »

Austin, Texas – Travel Guide

Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital and the fourth largest city of Texas and the eleventh largest city in the entire US. The city is composed of diverse mix of culture, tradition and lifestyle.  It is often called the ‘’live music capital of the world’’ due to its good number of music venues, and it is known as Silicon Hills as well due to the many  technology companies that found a home in Austin. But more than these titles, Austin also boasts ... Read More »

San Antonio, Texas – Travel Guide


Located in the American Southwest and the southwestern corner of the urban area Texas Triangle, City of San Antonio, or simply San Antonio, named after Saint Anthony Padua, is the 2nd largest city of Texas and has the 24th largest metropolitan area in the US. The Downtown San Antonio is vibrant and bustling, and with the Hill Country, South Texas Plains and Prairie and Lakes just within its boundaries, the city promises a lot of outdoor activities and recreational trips ... Read More »

Houston, Texas – Travel Guide


Houston is Texas’s biggest city and the United State’s fourth largest city. Founded on 1836, the city got its name from a prominent general who later became the president of the Republic of Texas– Sam Houston. The city became known due to its oil discovery, railroad industry and burgeoning point. After, Houston became known as the center for health care and research courtesy of the establishment of Texas Medical  Center and Johnson’s Space Center where NASA’s Mission Control  Center is ... Read More »

Portland, Oregon – Travel Information


Portland is the largest city in Oregon, sitting around 70 miles from the Pacific Coast. The majestic Mount Hood is about 50 miles to its east, serving as a breath-taking backdrop to the skies of Portland. For more than centuries, Portland has been known as The City of Roses due to the vast gardens it owns, including the most prominent International Rose Test Garden. The city is also boasting of microbreweries that is why it is also named as Oregon’s ... Read More »

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