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    Playa del Carmen

    Commonly referred to as ‘Playa’ by the locals, Playa del Carmen is a cool coastal resort town locate...

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    Barbados has for long been referred to as Little Britain due to the strong relationship that the isl...

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    Miami, USA

    Known for its beaches, nightlife, music, and great food, Miami is a city of warmth; whether it’s fro...

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    Sanibel Island, Florida

    Just near Forty Myers, Sanibel Island is a popular destination for its luxurious resorts, extremely ...

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    Napa Valley, USA

    America’s major wine-growing region is how Napa Valley is best known, but there is more to this dest...

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    Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic is located on the Hispaniola Island in Caribbean Sea, close to its neighbor and l...

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    Alaska, USA

    Alaska, the 49th largest state of the USA, is found in the Arctic Circle and is separated from the r...

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    Anchorage, USA

    Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, is nestled in the Alaskan wilderness, and the picturesque nat...

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    Florida, USA

    As one of the southern states of the United States of America, Florida is a famous tourist destinati...

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    Antigua & Barbuda

    Antigua is simply referred to as a place where life is spent on the beach. Beaches at this place spo...

Puerto Rico – a tourist-oriented place

Isla Verde Beach

Puerto Rico may have a modest size, but its overall dimension does not disqualify it to be one of the best destinations to be. Its cultural blending alone—a mix of Indian, African and Spanish—is enough to bring out one’s curiosity, what more its natural attractions made of sandy beaches, sparkling waters, and lush tropical forests. Read More »

5 Best Backpacking Destinations in USA

5 Best Bikepacking Destinations in USA

Backpackers love exploring the natural treasures of Mother Earth by being one amongst its wonderful wonders. In the United States, there is an interesting line-up of best backpacking destinations, and five of the best ones are the following: Read More »

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City View from water

The Canadian province Quebec has the Quebec City as its capital, a city where the original city walls, up to this day, remain intact and highly-preserved. No doubt a tourist destination, Quebec City has this old town charm that breathes nostalgic air, thanks to its historic sites and century-old architectures. Read More »

Asheville, USA

Asheville sunrise

The many titles of Asheville, including “The Paris of the South,” “San Francisco of the East,” and “ Land of the Sky” are definitely enough to describe how beautiful and breathtaking this city is. Read More »

Denver, USA

Salt Lake City Skyline

Denver, also called the “The Mile-High City,” is the largest city in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. With historic attractions comprised of its mining and cowboy traditions, the city has quickly moved forward to become one of the country’s bustling metropolitan areas. Read More »

Branson, USA

Branson White Water

Branson, nestled in the vibrant Taney County, adds to the reasons why the state of Missouri is among the must-see places in the United States. Apart from its small town charm and historic district, what attracts tourists to see the place is its world-renowned entertainment and music. Read More »

Napa Valley, USA

Napa Valley Opener

America’s major wine-growing region is how Napa Valley is best known, but there is more to this destination than being one of the world’s top wine growing industries. More than tasting sweet grapes, here is where visitors can feast on gourmet dishes and get pampered by high-class spa treatments, relax in the surrounds of a majestic lake and have a leisurely stroll in the plaza. Read More »

Halifax, Canada

Halifax Canada seawalk

Halifax is the city capital of the Canadian province Nova Scotia. Though still regarded as a small city for North American standards, Halifax is not short when it comes to interesting features to see and discover. Read More »

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