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San Juan, Puerto Rico – Travel Info and Travel Guide


Known for its historic districts, rocky peninsulas and ancient fortresses, San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is one of the region’s most-visited destinations. Nestled in the karst zones in the Northern coastal planes, San Juan is more than just a historic district. Here, your idea of paradise comes to life as miles and miles of beaches and breathtaking natural scenery make you want to explore San Juan’s enchanting beauty. San Juan is where the tourism of Puerto Rico lies, ... Read More »

Mazatlan, Mexico – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Mazatlan is one of Mexico’s affluent cities. With a low population composed of warm and friendly people and with attributes combining culture, history, and scenic attractions, Mazatlan is nicknamed Pearl of the Pacific for all the right reasons. Highlighted by miles of pristine beaches, beautiful seaside esplanade, and enchanting lagoons, Mazatlan is definitely the perfect choice for a memorable and rewarding getaway. Mazatlan is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations, embracing millions of tourists from near and far. Visitors of ... Read More »

Manzanillo, Mexico – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Found in the Colima state or Mexico is Manzanillo, one of the nation’s sought-after destinations. While the city is best-known for its commercial and trade department, Manzanillo has made a way to be included in Mexico’s important touristic spots. Manzanillo has beaches that can be compared to Acapulco and Cozumel, and apart from its natural attractions, the city also caters unique shopping areas and dining destinations. Being a coastal destination paves the way to unforgettable nautical trip. Its golden sand ... Read More »

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Travel Guide


One of the most popular destinations on Mexico’s Pacific Coast is Puerto Vallarta where stunning beaches, breath-taking scenery, majestic waterfalls and lush greenery welcome travelers. Being a famous tourist spot blessed Puerto Vallarta with excellent accommodations and delightful dining scene. Once a timid fishing village, Puerto Vallarta now ranks close to Acapulco, and it is proud to have numerous activities and breath-taking attractions for the visitors to enjoy. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport is the major gateway to the charming ... Read More »

Acapulco, Mexico – Travel Guide

Acapulco Mexico 007

With the stunning Acapulco Bay on its west and the jagged Sierra Madre on its east, there is nothing like the Acapulco when it comes to attractions and sight-seeing.  Acapulco has long been a famed tourist destination, an in-demand honeymoon location and highly-sought by party people. With boundless opportunities from its majestic beaches to its relaxing spas, Acapulco has become Mexico’s most important destination. General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport, also known as Acapulco Airport, serves as a gateway to ... Read More »

Nova Scotia, Canada – Travel Guide


Nicely sitting in eastern Canada, Nova Scotia, or “New Scotland” in Latin, is one of the country’s three maritime provinces and is included among the four Atlantic provinces.  Being enveloped by ocean, Nova Scotia becomes a place where you can experience the majestic sea and its cool air.  Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of the nation and its compact size makes it easy for you to hop from one attraction to another. You enter the beautiful province of ... Read More »

Alaska, USA – Travel Guide

Aurora Borealis 03-21-2014

Alaska, the 49th largest state of the USA, is found in the Arctic Circle and is separated from the rest of the country.  Alaska plays host to the highest point of North America and is home to most of the highest mountains in the United States.  It cannot be denied that Alaska is one of the most beautiful places of the region as the entire state is enveloped with pristine wilderness, countless snow-capped mountains, and gorgeous coasts and waterways. With ... Read More »

Cozumel, Mexico – Travel Guide


The Caribbean Island of Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island. Amidst its astounding beauty sit restaurants and world-class accommodations that instantly make this island a popular tourist destination. The island has boundless opportunities for everyone, especially for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers.  For a relaxed getaway with a rewarding experience, Cozumel of Mexico is the perfect destination. Tourists enter Cozumel either through its own international airport or through Cancun International Airport. Apparently, Cancun has more flights that is why most visitors ... Read More »

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