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Rhone-Alpes, France – Travel Guide and Travel Info


At the crossroads of Europe, between Côte d’Azur and Paris, is where Rhone-Alpes is found. Rhone-Alpes, the largest region in Europe, is one fine destination that never paused in attracting visitors all over the world. Due to its impeccable weather, unique geographical feature and diverse landscapes, it is very easy to fall in love with Rhone-Alpes. People from abroad get an easy access to Rhone-Alpes through Geneva’s Cointrin International Airport, Lyon’s Bron International Airport and Grenoble’s Grenoble Isère International Airport, ... Read More »

Scottish Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom – Travel Guide


Scotland is full of wonders and surprises, and Scottish HIghlands is one of its treasures worthy to be explored. Known locally as the Highlands, this jagged northern north-western region of the country is home to most of Europe’s vast wilderness. Many mountain ranges are evident in the region, and with a very low population, one just cannot imagine how serene and tranquil the Highlands could be. Blessed with majestic attractions, Scottish Highlands easily became a famous tourist destination. People begin ... Read More »

Provence, France – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Provence, a famous historical province in France, abounds with numerous wonders waiting to be explored. With a vast region encompassing the Mediterranean Sea up to the French Alps, its unique geographical feature results to breathtaking sights and irresistible charm. French Riviera and the city of Avignon are arguably Provence’s most-famous attractions, but there is actually more to this sought-after holiday destination. Provence boasts of quaint villages, colorful culinary, interesting culture and friendly people, easily making it one of the world’s ... Read More »

Cotswolds, England – Travelers Guide


Cotswolds is one of the most unspoiled regions of England, and you surely will fall in love the moment you see it. England officially regarded it as “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” which automatically makes Cotswolds famous not just among the English themselves, but also international travelers. Time has stood still in this part of the country which makes Cotswolds “typically English” as described by many. You will be amazed by Cotswolds’ wealth of features, including ancient churches like ... Read More »

Rhodes, Greece – Travel info and Travel Guide


Rhodes is one of the largest Dodecanese Islands of Greece, located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It sits southeast of Athens, northeast of Crete, and just off Turkey’s Anatolian coast.  From the beginning, it has been a tourist destination in Europe as the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is located here. Similarly, The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes, a World Heritage Site, is also in Rhodes. This side of Europe ... Read More »

Tuscany, Italy – Tourist Attractions


Located in central Italy, Tuscany is one of the best places to visit in the country. Tuscany is known for its diverse features that comprise of crystal-clear bodies of water, unspoilt nature, bright green landscapes and well-preserved art and historic architecture. With millions of visitors it attracts each year, no doubt Tuscany is hailed as one of the best destinations across the globe. Lovers of nature find their little piece of paradise in Tuscany. The Apuan Alps, Orbetello Lagoon, and ... Read More »

Capri, Italy – Tourist Attractions


Capri, nestled in the Campania region of the country Italy, has been serving as a majestic coastal resort since time immemorial. Sitting in Naples Province, Capri is the island’s main center where two prominent harbors, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, are found. Capri is the “isle of the sirens” in Greek Mythology, a favored resort of the Roman Emperors and is world-famous due to breath-taking destinations that endlessly attract visitors all over the globe. The mild climate of Capri makes ... Read More »

Mykonos, Greece – Travelers Guide

mykonos (1)

Mykonos is an island in Greece and assuredly the most famous amongst the Cyclades islands. Tourism is a major contributor to the city’s economy as Mykonos attracts millions of people annually. Its cosmopolitan appeal calls for endless parties and an upbeat nightlife, something that impresses people around the globe. But more than fun and excitement, Mykonos has an unspoilt natural beauty comprising of sun and sea that makes this island an easily accessed paradise to all. Mykonos is destined to ... Read More »

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