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    Things to do in Portugal

    The best time to visit Portugal is definitely summer. It is the period of the year which shows this ...

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    Sorrento, Italy

    Located in Campania, Italy, Sorrento is a town that features many restaurants and cafes and a very b...

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    Madrid, Spain

    Madrid is the capital city of one of the oldest nations in the world, Spain. Madrid is the centre of...

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    Bodrum, Turkey

    The town of Bodrum is located on southern Aegean coast in Turkey and is very popular among tourists ...

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    Paris – Things to do

    Paris is such a glamorous city filled with year-round events. With the exception of some holidays in...

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    Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm is the capital city of that is highly populated at over one million residents within it. T...

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    London, England

    London is the largest city of England based in the United Kingdom. The city is so large that even in...

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    Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary and one of the biggest cities in the Europea...

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    Munich, Germany

    Munich is the capital of the Bavaria region of Germany. It is one of the most populated cites in the...

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    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul serves as the cultural, administrative and financial capital of Turkey and it is the most p...

Spending a Long Weekend in Lisbon – A Quick Guide

Spending a Long Weekend in Lisbon

More and more people are traveling on a weekend as doing so means having a quick escape from the demands and pressures of the daily grind. In Europe, one of the in-demand weekend destination is Lisbon, the capital, largest and arguably the most-loved city of Portugal. Named as one of Europe’s best capitals, Lisbon has an increasing number of weekend travelers courtesy of its impressive attractions, tourist-friendly amenities, welcoming locals, impeccable weather, and interesting features in general. Read More »

Alnwick, England

Alnwick Lion Sculpture

Alnwick is often described as the gateway to Northumberland’s magnificent coast and charming countryside, but you will be surprised to learn that Alnwick has a beauty of its own. Read More »

York, England

England York Yorkminster from City Walls

York is the proud home of some of the most gorgeous cathedrals and highly-preserved historic buildings in Europe which makes it a top tourist destination next to London and Manchester. Read More »

Oxford, England

Oxford England

Oxford is an important academic city in England and the oldest one at that. Nestled just 50 miles away from the equally popular London, Oxford is accentuated with small yet gorgeous villages which aptly reflect the vibe of Old English. Read More »

Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona Festival

Those who have been in Pamplona wish to come back to face again the remarkable experience Pamplona extends. If you are given the opportunity to be in this top-rated destination, do not think otherwise. Read More »

Amadora, Portugal

Amadora Portugal

Nestled in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Amadora, originally named Porcalhota, is one of the biggest urbanized cities in Portugal. Though most of its parts are residential areas, Amadora has vibrant commercial and historic districts worth seeing and exploring. Read More »

Setubal, Portugal

Fuerte de San Felipe, Setúbal, Portugal

Setubal, found in the south portion of Lisbon, Portugal, is known in Europe as a traditional coastal town accentuated by bustling ports, cobblestone pathways and busy squares. The undeniable classic beauty of Setubal is courtesy of the natural assets that envelope it, making it the perfect destination for tourists who are fond of nature and outdoor adventures. Read More »

Braga, Portugal

Avenida Central em Braga

Braga may be one of the oldest cities in the country, so expect attractions such as cathedrals, museums and historic districts to grace the trip. Braga Diocese and Braga Cathedral, the oldest religious structures in the country, must be on top of the list when visiting ancient attractions in Braga. Read More »

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