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    Greece – Things to do

    Greece is a country with a long history to be with-held. It has been the region for many development...

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    Florence, Italy – Travel guide

    Located in Italy in Tuscany region, Florence is an architectural, artistic and cultural pot in the c...

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    Venice – Travel Guide

    Venice is a popular tourist destination in the European region. It is known for its humble and roman...

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    Barcelona – Travel Guide

    With a population of almost two million, Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city. It is locat...

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    Helsinki – Travel Guide

    Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is an old city but with modern renovations. Helsinki was esta...

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    Italy – Places to go

    Italy is one of the greatest European travel destination. It is one of those places with enormously ...

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    Isle of Man – Travel Guide

    Isle of Man is an Island in Irish Sea in British Isles. It is located between islands of Ireland and...

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    Jerusalem – Travel Guide

    Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city and three religions i.e. Islam, Judaism and Christianity regard i...

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    Winter Walks in the UK

    Winter doesn’t have to be a time for sitting indoors by the fire. Instead, why not experience ...

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    Paris – Travel Guide

    Paris, coined as the City of Love or City of Lights, is also the Fashion Capital of the world. It is...

Leeds, UK – Tourism Info


Found in the north side of England is Leeds City, known to be one of the country’s most vibrant cities. This is the largest city of West Yorkshire where upbeat activities such as sports, shopping and nightlife have no ending. Despite exuding a dynamic character, Leeds firmly holds on to its rich culture and heritage as evidenced by the well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture. The contrasting characters make Leeds a unique and outstanding place which makes it more interesting to ... Read More »

Normandy, France – Tourism Information


Normandy is one of France’s prominent historic regions. Its close proximity to South England and its important links in history, the charm of Normandy is very similar to that side of England: rolling countryside and fields and meadows outlined by hedges. Note also that the architectural style of the two regions have close resemblance to each other. Normandy is a beautiful tourism destination, visited by thousands of tourists every year. Normandy is home to multitude of attractions and a discerning ... Read More »

Scotland – Tourism Information


Scotland is found In the northwestern part of Europe, encircled by the waters of the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Scotland is blessed with more than 700 islands mostly found in the west and north portions of the country. Tourism in Scotland is very well developed, there are so many tourists visiting this beautiful travel destination. Even with just a small area, this county has amazing landscapes comprised of woodlands, rolling hills, green fields, thick forests and jagged ... Read More »

Flanders, Belgium – Travel Guide

Market Square in Bruges, Belgium

Flanders is found in the north side of Belgium, commonly known as the Dutch-speaking part of the country. The way life is being celebrated in Flanders depicts how its culture, tradition and heritage are highly-preserved. Its festivals are colorful and upbeat, its works of art are impressive and its people are warm and welcoming—just few of the many reasons why Flanders has become one of Belgium’s most interesting places to visit. Truly a tourist destination, Flanders has four major airports ... Read More »

Things to do in England


England is one of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom. A great place to visit because of its multitude of world-class attractions, cultural events and rich heritage, England is one of the famous places in Europe when it comes to travel and tourism. England is divided into three regions that are further divided into sub-regions. But no matter how England is separated by geography, it cannot be denied that this country has the best destinations that bring ... Read More »

Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia


DUBROVNIK, CROATIA In the south of the stunning Croatia is where Dubrovnik is nestled, an intricate walled city sitting along the Adriatic Sea Coast. Being listed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is more to Dubrovnik than its remarkable Old City. There is so many things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia. With millions of visitors it attracts each year, Dubrovnik has gained the title “the most prominent tourist resort along the Mediterranean region.” The weather in Dubrovnik may ... Read More »

Croatia – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Croatia is proud to have the most beautiful coastlines, making it one of the sought-after destinations in Europe. It has magnificent shores and countless islands that is why it is named as the region’s important touristic spot. With the most beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean that houses picturesque natural scenery, Croatia has made it to the top European destinations discerning travelers should never miss. Croatia is situated in the Southeast Europe on the east portion of the Adriatic Sea and ... Read More »

Rhone-Alpes, France – Travel Guide and Travel Info


At the crossroads of Europe, between Côte d’Azur and Paris, is where Rhone-Alpes is found. Rhone-Alpes, the largest region in Europe, is one fine destination that never paused in attracting visitors all over the world. Due to its impeccable weather, unique geographical feature and diverse landscapes, it is very easy to fall in love with Rhone-Alpes. People from abroad get an easy access to Rhone-Alpes through Geneva’s Cointrin International Airport, Lyon’s Bron International Airport and Grenoble’s Grenoble Isère International Airport, ... Read More »

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