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Kitzbuhel, Austria – Travel Guide


The medieval city of Kitzbuhel is among the most significant centers in Austria for winter sports and other activities. Even though the local population is quite small, this doesn’t deter tourists from visiting the place. Its history of being a mining center for copper and silver has made it a very popular destination among most travelers. If you are coming from Germany, you can simply drive to Kitzbuhel and the journey is quite enjoyable with so many things to see ... Read More »

Bansko, Bulgaria – Travel Guide

bansko (1)

Bansko is located in the southwestern parts of Bulgaria and it is famously known as the birthplace for the well known Bulgarian revival movement. The town is relatively small and getting around is quite easy and walking around to the various destinations is nice. Taxi services are also quite cheap and readily available but you should reach an agreement for the price well in advance with the taxi driver. During the winter season, Bansko is always a hub of tourist ... Read More »

Silkeborg, Germany – Travel Guide


Silkeborg is located in Jutland, Denmark. Tourists travelling to this part can take a bus or Rail from Copenhagen or Arhus via Skanderbeg. Hjejlen refers to the company which operates several boats and also refers to the region’s oldest boat. When travelling with this boat, you will be thrilled to note that it makes stops in many places that are quite interesting and it is undoubtedly the best way to tour the area. Also, travelling with Hjejlen gives you an ... Read More »

French Alps – Travel Guide

Le village d'Eze dans les Alpes maritimes

The French Alps refer to a chain of mountains in Europe referred to as the Alps. These mountains are primarily attractive to most people as they offer great outdoor activities like the Alpine mountaineering and skiing. Some of the sporting activities undertaken here are less famous but are still very popular in the region and this include the downhill and cross country mountain biking, paragliding and white water rafting. French Alps is also a famous destination point for most people ... Read More »

Innsbruck, Austria – Travel Guide


Innsbruck is Tyrol’s provincial capital and among the largest cities in Austria. Its popularity in the travel world came in the limelight in 2008 when it was among the cities that hosted the European Football Championships. In addition, it has hosted the famous Winter Olympics on two occasions thus making it not just a beautiful and interesting city but also Alps’ largest ski resort. Its close location to northern Italy and Munich makes it a must see destination in the ... Read More »

Canary Islands – Travel Guide

Canary Islands 4

Located in west coast Africa, the Canary Islands are a territory on the Atlantic Ocean owned by Spain near Cape Verde and Morocco. The Canary chain of islands comprises of several distinctive islands. The largest island in terms of population is Gran Canaria which is the capital city, a title that it shares with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The northern part of this island is green and steep while the south is flat and dry. Fuerteventura is a Mecca ... Read More »

Formentera – Travel Guide

formentera (1)

Formentera is one of the several Balearic Islands found in Spain and it is well known for being the most southerly and smallest of them. The island has a population of slightly above 7000 people. There is no airport on the island and it is much quieter compared to the nearby Ibiza. A large number of tourists usually flock to Formentera during the peak season which runs from July to August with most of the visitors being Italians. While independent ... Read More »

Jerusalem – Travel Guide


Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city and three religions i.e. Islam, Judaism and Christianity regard it as a holy city. It is among the world’s oldest cities and is a unique place in every way. It is one of those few destinations which you must see in order to believe that they exist. The Old city of Jerusalem has since been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the ancient tiny city is exceptionally breathtaking and home to ... Read More »

Baden Baden, Germany – Top Spa Destination


The name Baden Baden literary means bathing bathing. Baden Baden is a popular spa town located on the thermal springs of Black Forest, Baden Wurttemberg in Germany. Over the years, the spa has enjoyed a reputation of being a popular hangout spot for rich people even though this is not always the case. The town is quite picturesque and very beautiful and is strangely located in the wooded valley. Here, tourists can enjoy themselves fully without sacrificing a fortune as ... Read More »

Corfu, Greece – Travel guide

Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra, commonly known as Corfu is located on the northernmost part of Lonian Islands, Greece. Corfu town boasts of being the most important and largest town on this island. It is home to the local airport and also a docking place for long distance ferries and cruise ships. This small city is quite pleasant and caters exceptionally well to tourist. At the northern side, the island is more mountainous and wider and has well developed coastal areas with very good ... Read More »

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