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    Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city and three religions i.e. Islam, Judaism and Christianity regard i...

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    Marbella, Spain

    Marbella boasts of being one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Once a v...

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    Baden Baden, Germany – Top Spa Destination

    The name Baden Baden literary means bathing bathing. Baden Baden is a popular spa town located on th...

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    Moscow, Russia

    Moscow is the capital of Russia. Moscow has existed as a city and urban centre for over eight centur...

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    Isle of Man

    Isle of Man is an Island in Irish Sea in British Isles. It is located between islands of Ireland and...

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    Leeds, UK – Tourism Info

    Found in the north side of England is Leeds City, known to be one of the country’s most vibrant citi...

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    Costa del Sol

    Literary, Costa del Sol means sun coast. Located in southern Spain, Costa del Sol is a long stretch ...

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    Rhodes, Greece

    Rhodes is one of the largest Dodecanese Islands of Greece, located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It sit...

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    Bodrum, Turkey

    The town of Bodrum is located on southern Aegean coast in Turkey and is very popular among tourists ...

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    Sorrento, Italy

    Located in Campania, Italy, Sorrento is a town that features many restaurants and cafes and a very b...

Wales, Great Britain


One of the countries that make up Great Britain is Wales. Because of its unbeatable natural beauty comprised of jagged mountains and rolling hills; and interesting history defined by numerous castles, this country attracts millions of visitors all over the globe per year. Sitting on a stunning region in the western peninsula, Wales is definitely the best place for an adventure and a memorable escape. Cardiff International Airport is where visitors enter. From the airport, there are bus services that ... Read More »

Valencia, Spain

Valencia_spain 1

Valencia, the capital city of the province Old Valencia, is definitely worth seeing when traveling in Spain. In terms of beauty, Valencia ranks high. This place is not only the birthplace of the world-famous dish paella, Valencia also hosts the famous Fallas Festival. If you are going to Spain and planning to see an off-the beaten track destination, Valencia is definitely a winner. Valencia visitors enter its premises via the busy Valencia Airport, just 9km from the city center. Tourists ... Read More »

Seville, Spain


Andalusia’s capital, Seville, is one of the Spain’s largest cities. It may be the center for finance and culture, but it is not all about business and tradition. It is a city full of life and character as defined by the numerous attractions that give accent to the south side of the country. The city is divided by the pleasant river of Guadalquivir, resulting to two cities—Sevilla and Triana. With a full array of touristic amenities and numerous sights to ... Read More »

Frankfurt, Germany


The largest and busiest city in Germany is Frankfurt. Being a major hub for business, the city is a picture of intimidating skyscrapers, bustling airports and trade shows. Sitting along the river Main, Frankfurt’s perfect blend of contrasting features attracts tourists all over the globe. The city center is not all about business and trade, as here is where Germany’s most important museums and galleries are also seen. The main roads display non-stop action, while the side streets and neighborhoods ... Read More »

Dresden, Germany

Dresden (1)

Discerning tourists grew fond of visiting Dresden for its picturesque natural setting and interesting history, culture and tradition. This is a home to many of Germany’s interesting museums and monuments, remarkable artworks, well-preserved architecture and so much more. Not to mention that the locals are friendly and the city-wide facilities are efficient which makes this a tourist-friendly destination. The historic center and Old Town of Dresden is pretty compact, and exploring the area can be easily done by walking or ... Read More »

Dusseldorf, Germany


In the western side of Germany, there sits a city that is teaming with ancient architecture, immortal art and social life which can be compared to some of the world’s huge and high-profile cities. Found along the River Rhine, Dusseldorf also sparkles with pleasant scenery and natural wonders. But what make this city popular to the world are its colorful festivals, lively events and unbeatable trade fairs that draw attention from tourists all over the globe. Visitors coming from different ... Read More »

Pompeii, Italy


Italy is known to have multitude of tourist destinations, one of which is Pompeii. Since the 19th century, Pompeii’s ruins have been attracting tourists from all over the globe, making it one of Italy’s relevant attractions. What makes Pompeii an interesting place to visit is the volcanic ash that blanketed it after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. There’s a lot to see and experience in Pompeii, that is why going to this place must be a part ... Read More »



Israel may have a small size, but it is packed with remarkable features fitting to be called world-class attractions. With its highly-regarded religious sites, well-maintained archaeological buildings and breath-taking natural wonders, there is so much to see and experience in this unique destination. If you are planning to visit Israel, brace yourself with an unforgettable adventure. If you are a tourist traveling by air, Ben-Gurion International Airport is your main entry point. This busy airport in Tel Aviv is the ... Read More »

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