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    Top tips for Ski Holidays

    Skiing holidays can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in life! Whether you enjoy gently sk...

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    Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and serves as the capital of the state of Victoria...

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    Whitsundays, Australia

    Whitsundays is a collection of 74 islands lying off  Queensland coast in Australia. They are a part ...

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    Bora Bora – What is Interesting There ?

    Today, as with the rest of the Polynesian islands, Bora Bora is almost solely dependent on its touri...

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    Things to do in Fiji

    Fiji is actually an active island nation with many fun activities that take place. It is blessed wit...

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    Fiji Islands – Facts about Fiji

    General info Fiji is an island nation in the south pacific, consisting of 330 islands,of which one t...

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    Places to Visit in Fiji

    Fiji is a large island nation consisting of many islands and islets. It has over hundred islands amo...

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    Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

    If you are given the chance to travel New Zealand’s South Island, choose the majestic Milford ...

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    Cocos Island

    Cocos Islands or Territory of Cocos or the Keeling islands refer to a group of islands located on In...

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    Perth, Australia

    Australia is one among the many must-see places in the world. It boasts of a multitude of attraction...

Tasmania, Australia


Tasmania nicely sits in the farthest southern part of Australia. Nature has been kind to this region, blessing it abundantly with gorgeous beaches, jagged mountains and lush rainforests. It has the smallest land area and smallest population, factors why nature remains intact and untouched. Bass Strait isolated Tasmania from the rest of Australia, but that did not hinder it from becoming one of the most-visited destinations of the country. Hobart, the state capital, is where Tasmania visitors enter and is ... Read More »

Perth, Australia


Australia is one among the many must-see places in the world. It boasts of a multitude of attractions and it takes pride of its diverse culture. But if you are a traveler with a packed schedule and must choose one part of Australia to visit, Perth can be your best bet.  One of Western Australia’s popular attractions, here is where you can have absolute fun while being close to nature, urban amenities and historic districts while trying out interesting cuisine ... Read More »

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, perched on the lovely Queensland Coast about 161 miles northeast of Brisbane. It belongs to the prestigious World Heritage Site and is home to the world’s most stunning beaches. This island has been blessed by nature for so many ways, easily becoming it a 640 square mile paradise on earth. This world-renowned tourist destination has the second largest collection of fresh water lakes. The island beams with pride, as it owns ... Read More »

Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand


If you are given the chance to travel New Zealand’s South Island, choose the majestic Milford Sound. Recently recognized as the region’s most enchanting place, this destination is definitely a must when going in New Zealand. Milford Sound is actually a fiord etched by glaciers over a thousand of years ago. The natural occurrence resulted to enchanting mountainous cliffs that fall awesomely from thousands of feet down the ocean floor. Embracing Milford Sound are pristine waterfalls, lush rainforests and the ... Read More »

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga Island

Rarotonga is the biggest and by far the most popular among the exotic Cook Islands. Its capital, Avarua, is nicknamed ‘’town’’ where the administrative, commerce and trade side of the island is seen. Due to 360 degrees exemplary scenery that mostly comprise of pristine waters, sandy shores and virgin islets, Rarotonga has proven itself to be one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Thanks to Rarotonga International Airport, vacationers find an easy gateway to this piece of heaven.  If the capital ... Read More »

Out Islands, Bahamas

Out Islands Bahamsa

One of the most famous islands that make up Bahamas is the Out Islands. Traditionally referred as the Family Islands by the locals, the low-in-population island is boasting of nature’s wonders which made way for the country’s tourism to soar. Here, quiet island life, endless serene beaches, tropical beauty, captivating climate, and receptive and warm locals are to be seen and felt. If you are dream to be away from the noise of the city and live in a nature-filled, ... Read More »

Cocos Island


Cocos Islands or Territory of Cocos or the Keeling islands refer to a group of islands located on Indian Ocean at the middle and borders the Christmas Island and Perth. The territory comprises of two islands which are inhabited and these are the Home Island and West Island. Travelers commute in the area by use of passenger ferries. Some of the islands found here are also uninhabited and majorly comprise of Horsburgh Island, South Island and North Keeling Island which ... Read More »

Airlie Beach, Australia

Airlie Beach

The town of Airlie Beach is simply referred to as Airlie and is located in Queensland Australia. Airlie Beach is the closest port to Whitsunday Islands on Great Barrier Reef. The town has a population of nearly 30, 000 inhabitants today and is mostly visited by all kinds of tourists especially the backpackers. Airlie Beach is famous as a major hub for visitors traveling to Outer Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands. You can take a boat to these areas ... Read More »

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