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Tel Aviv – Travel Guide

The Pinnacle List

Tel Aviv ranks second after Jerusalem among the largest cities in Israel and it is well known for housing the largest number of foreign embassies. Tel Aviv is a representation of a highly thriving and modernized Israel metropolis. While Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and home to most of the government departments, Tel Aviv is regarded as the cultural and economic center of Israel. Over the years, Tel Aviv has come to be referred to as a ‘city ... Read More »

Cocos Island – Travel Guide


Cocos Islands or Territory of Cocos or the Keeling islands refer to a group of islands located on Indian Ocean at the middle and borders the Christmas Island and Perth. The territory comprises of two islands which are inhabited and these are the Home Island and West Island. Travelers commute in the area by use of passenger ferries. Some of the islands found here are also uninhabited and majorly comprise of Horsburgh Island, South Island and North Keeling Island which ... Read More »

Beijing, China – Travel Guide


Beijing is the capital city of the world’s most populous country, People’s Republic of China. It is also the second largest city in China after Shanghai. The city used to be the seat for both Qing and Ming dynasty emperors until China republic was formed in 1911. As you can expect, Beijing is China’s political, cultural and education center and the city is rich in many historical sites and significant cultural and government institutions. Perhaps what makes Beijing even more ... Read More »

Amritsar, India – Travel Guide


The holy city of Amritsar is located in Punjab state of India. The name Amritsar means ‘holy pool of nectar’ and it is derived from a nearby pool around Golden Temple. Sikh religion in India regards this city to be their cultural and spiritual center. The city has been transformed in to a unique and beautiful worship place known as Gurdwara. The temple has a rich history and its construction was completed in early 1601 by the 4th Sikh Guru, ... Read More »

Guam, Pacific Islands – Travel Guide

tumon bay guam

Located in Mariana Islands archipelago, Guam is the southernmost and largest island in North Pacific Ocean. Guam territory is in United States of America and it is a reputed region due to its strategic location that favors military activities. It is one of the islands which comprise of Micronesia for political reasons. The northern region of Guam is lightly populated with most of the parts being occupied by US military. This region is home to cities such as Yigo and ... Read More »

Ko Samui, Thailand – Travel Guide


Ko Samui is a big island in Gulf of Thailand. Some beaches such as Lamai and Chaweng are highly commercialized and very popular while beaches in the northern parts and nearby villages like Mae Nam, Bang Rak, Choeng Mon and Bophut are the most peaceful option and beaches in the west coast are comparatively quiet. Nathon beach is the administrative centre of Ko Samui and home to Samui Port even though it has little to attract tourists. Laem Yais is ... Read More »

Luxor, Egypt – Travel Guide


The name Luxor literary means palaces. Luxor is the premier tourist destination in the Nile Valley and Upper Egypt. The city serves as the religious and dynastic capital of both the New Kingdom Egypt and Middle Kingdom Egypt. There is so much to see and enjoy in Luxor ranging from the vast temples and ancient royal tombs to the river sceneries, a bustling city life and the historical royal tombs. Even though Luxor is quite small considering the population standards ... Read More »

Great Wall of China – Travel Guide

Great Wall

The world famous Great Wall of China stretches all the way from the province of Lianing via Hebei province, Beijing municipality, Tianjin municipality, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi Province, Shanxi province to the province of Gansu in the People’s Republic of China. There are many places along the length of the wall which tourists can visit. Its present condition now ranges from ruined to excellent and accessing the wall straightforward way can be rather difficult. The various sections charge separate admission fees ... Read More »

Agra, India – Travel Guide


Located in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is the Indian city that houses Taj Mahal, just about 200km away from New Delhi. There are 3 listed UNESCO World Heritage sites in Agra which include the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Taj Mahal. There are many other tombs and buildings as well which remind visitors of the glorious days when Agra used to be the capital of Mughal Empire. Besides this, there are still many other things why you should visit the city. ... Read More »

Hong Kong, China – Travel Guide


Hong Kong translates to fragrant harbour. Today, Hong Kong is a place of different personalities due to its great influence by both the ex- British and Cantonese Chinese. Hong Kong is one of the major tourist destinations in China, mostly visited by the affluent population. In addition, Hong Kong has numerous world wide connections to major cities in the world which makes it one of the East Asia’s most important hubs. Due to its unique destination, it has attracted cultural ... Read More »

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