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Valley of the Kings , Egypt – Tourist Attractions


Valley of the Kings or gates of the kings refers to an archaeological locality in Egypt located in West Bank, Luxor. It among the most remarkable and most visited world archaeological destinations. Most of Pharaohs of Egypt are buried here. Tombs found within this valley are numbered KV are there are several of them like Tomb of Tutankhamun- KV62. Various groups of people have been undertaking archaeological excavations within the valley. Recently, American University of Cairo excavated the tomb of ... Read More »

La Digue, Seychelles – Travel Guide


La Digue is just a small island found in the Seychelles. Compared to most of the other islands in the country, La Digue boasts of ease of accessibility that makes it a top priority for most tourists visiting Seychelles. However, even though there are ample tourist facilities and a wide range of accommodation options, it still a little quieter compared to other islands like Mahe. The island is none the less very picturesque and attractive in many ways. L’ Anse ... Read More »

Maasai Mara, Kenya – Travel guide


Masai Mara is a National Reserve located in the south western parts of Kenya.  Administered by local county council, Masai Mara belongs to the famous Maasai people and it is one of the most visited national reserves in Africa, largely because of the popular annual wildebeest migration. The reserve hosts thousands of local and international tourists per year. The major attractions here are the different birdlife and wildlife species. It is one of the reserves that have a large number ... Read More »

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – Travel guide

Victoria Falls 2

Located near Botswana and bordering Livingstone, Zambia, Victoria Falls town is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is a popular destination for tourists especially the sightseers and adventure seekers. It offers plenty of many opportunities that will warrant you to stay here for a much longer time than you had initially planned. As package tour operators in Zimbabwe increasing add back Victoria Falls to their tour itineraries, the number of tourists visiting the falls has incredibly ... Read More »

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – Travel guide

Grand Hotel SSH - Large

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is a famous resort and port town located at the southern parts of Sinai Peninsula. It is a very popular destination for both divers and package holiday makers. In a typical day, Sharm El Sheikh hosts over 9, 000 British visitors. The locals and regular visitors call Sharm El Sheikh ‘City of Peace’. This is in reference to the dozens of peace conferences held in the City. It is one of the most treasured cities ... Read More »

Abu Simbel, Egypt – Travel guide


In early 1960s, UNESCO undertook a massive archaeological plan to rescue Abu Simbel from being swallowed by the increasing waters of L. Nasser just behind Aswan Dam. A major tourist attraction in Abu Simbel is the temples complex built in commemoration of Pharaoh Ramsis. Rather than this, the little town has nothing much to boast in terms of tourism and only attracts a handful number of tourists. Even though there are five major hotels where tourists can have a great ... Read More »

Durban – Travel Guide

durban-south africa

Durban is South Africa’s third largest city located in KwaZulu Natal province in eThekwini municipality. The city well reputed as being the busiest African port and it is home to almost 4 million people. Originally, Durban was known as Port Natal and British settlers founded the city when they occupied South Africa’s eastern coast. The most used languages are English and Zulu. Travelers are served by Durban International Airport and The King Shaka International Airport. The best way to tour ... Read More »

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town boasts of being the 2nd largest South African city after Johannesburg and the economic and financial heart of Western Cape Province in South Africa. In addition, it houses South Africa’s legislative capital parliament house is located here. Located near Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town is the southern most African city. It is located to the world known Cape Winelands near Franschhoek, Paarl and Stellenbosch. In South Africa, Cape Town is otherwise referred to as Mother City and ... Read More »

Seychelles – Travel Guide


Seychelles comprises of 115 tiny islands in Indian Ocean, off the East African coast neighboring Madagascar. Out of these islands, only a few of them are inhabited. During the colonial era, the Great Britain and France were in a dispute over the control of Seychelles. After Napoleonic wars in 1814, Britain assumed full control of the islands which later became independent in 1976. Free elections didn’t happen until 1993 and since then the country’s politics and elections have always fallen ... Read More »

Burkina Faso – Travel Guide


The unique aspect about Burkina Faso is that it is the most peaceful country in West Africa. This is the reason for many tourists visiting the country and staying for as long as they wish. Burkina Faso is a West African state. It neighbors Niger, Mali, Togo, Ghana, Benin, and the Cote d’Ivoire. It is a nice destination for wildlife, rich African culture, and music. Burkina Faso is considered the center of music in Africa. It features most of the music festivals ... Read More »

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