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Namibia, South Africa – Travel Guide


Namibia, the world’s 34th largest country, is found in South Africa. Sitting between the Namib and the Kalahari deserts, Namibia benefits from the enchanting landscapes of these two deserts. The country’s ecotourism and extensive wildlife are enough to make it one among the prime destinations in Africa. Visitors enter Namibia through Windhoek, the country’s capital and biggest city. The tour usually starts by visiting Tintenpalast, Windhoek Country Club Resort and the Zoo Park. Walvis Bay, the second largest city of ... Read More »

Malawi, Africa – Travel Guide and Travel Info


Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa, has been welcoming visitors who have a yearning for the unique blending of Africa’s stunning landscapes, lakes, wildlife and culture. It is the home of Lake Malawi, Africa’s third largest lake. It is easy to conclude that Malawi’s best asset is its natural wonders, but the truth is that, Malawi’s greatest pride is its people—the friendly, vibrant, welcoming and warm locals in this side of Africa. Tourists enter Malawi through its biggest airport located ... Read More »

Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania – Travel Info


With the height of 5,895 meters, Kilimanjaro earned the prestige of being Africa’s highest mountain. Apart from the title it owns, Mount Kilimanjaro is a postcard favorite because of the gorgeous sight of the snow-capped summit taking shape over the savannah. Encircled by plains and mountain forest, Africa’s highest is the home to the region’s flora and fauna, group of mammals and endangered animals. Without a doubt, Mount Kilimanjaro is a symbol of the enthralling beauty of East Africa. The ... Read More »

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – Travel Guide


With vast plains comprising of 1.5 million hectares and well-known biological diversity, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania has become Africa’s most famous attraction. Serengeti National Park is home to the world’s largest herds that make it the continent’s richest grazing land. With all its natural splendor, Serengeti National Park is definitely Africa’s most impressive and finest park and arguably the most beautiful nature spectacle in the world. The way to get-in this world-famous natural habitat is through Kilimanjaro Airport. From ... Read More »

Kruger National Park, South Africa – Travel Info


One of Africa’s largest game reserves is the Kruger National Park. It lies in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa and one of the region’s most important tourist destinations. Kruger National Park is a world-renowned park due to its diversity of wildlife, dazzling countless birds, mighty unspoilt rivers, aged trees, clean and cool air, and so much more. For the adventure and nature lover, visiting the Kruger National Park surely is a delightful experience. It is quite hard ... Read More »

Casablanca, Morocco – Travelers Guide


Casablanca, the most cosmopolitan of all the cities of Morocco, is defined by high-end boutiques, upbeat nightlife and chains of restaurants. Known in the world as simply Casa, the country’s largest city is nicely sitting on the western portion of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean. Since it serves as North Africa’s chief port, it has become a major commercial center as well. Despite its strong industrial appeal, Casablanca has touristic appeal it calls its own. You will enter Casablanca through ... Read More »

Morocco – Travel Guide


The Kingdom of Morocco, or simply Morocco, belongs to the Maghreb region of North Africa. Just across the strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is characterized by rugged mountains and huge-sized deserts. This country is mostly composed of Arabs and Berbers, and a little population of Hispanic descent. Morocco is beautiful by nature and its tourism focuses more on the country’s coast. Its history and culture are also inviting factors, and all these combined, Morocco attracts millions of visitors all over the ... Read More »

Marrakech, Morocco – Travel Guide


Marrakech is a captivating city found in the northwest side of Morocco, north of the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. It is proud to be included in the Four Imperial Cities of Morocco alongside Casablanca, Fes and Rabat. Like most of the Moroccan cities, Marrakech has a feel of an old fortified city packed with colorful stalls. Morroco’s largest traditional Berber market, or souk, is found here, that is why tourists never dare to miss the city.  With a ... Read More »

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