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Ways to visit Peru on a Budget

Traveling on a low cost requires strict discipline as it entails sticking to what has been planned and budgeted. Smart money management and careful planning of itinerary makes traveling to Peru on a limited budget easy to achieve.

When to travel: Peru is one of the world’s best destinations, attracting tourists from all parts of the globe. June to September is considered peak months because of the perfect weather that allows visitors to see Peru without hassles. But if there is a strict budget to follow, visiting Peru on an off-peak season is a wise move. Not only airfares are low, the country’s top attractions are not crowded as well. For a trip that is easy to the pocket, heading there on April, May, September and October is the best choice.


Where to stay: Hostels and inns are aplenty in Peru, so finding a decent place to stay is easy. Backpackers usually prefer a dorm-type accommodation, which costs them between 25-60 PEN per night. There are also private rooms with an exclusive bathroom, like the Hospedajes, that still fall within the working budget, which is about 90-150 PEN per night. The economy hotels in Lima are good choices as they are close to tourist attractions and restaurants.

Ways to visit Peru on a Budget 2

Where to eat:  People traveling to Peru will never feel food-deprived even if their travel budget is limited. Foods in stalls and markets only cost a maximum of 6 PEN, while a decent sit down restaurant costs an average of 18 PEN per lunch or dinner menu. Meanwhile, there are low-key restaurants that serve meals that cost about 9-10 PEN per order.

Ways to visit Peru on a Budget

Get around:  Peru has an efficient and affordable transport system which makes bus ride more ideal than hiring a private car or getting a taxi. Buses here are cheap and reliable and have regular routes to the region’s tourist attractions and all its neighborhoods.  The cost of bus ride here is between .50- 3 PEN per trip. If there is an extra budget to spare, a first class express bus is worth for its comfortable ride.

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If traveling to Peru on a budget, the following top three attractions make the visit to this majestic developing country truly memorable:

  • Lima: This is where the trip to Peru starts and ends. The Plaza Mayor is worth seeing during daytime, while party scene along the Barranco district is definitely an experience.
  • Machu Picchu: One of South America’s most-visited places, this “lost city of Incas” is also known as one of the world’s best historical sites. Included in the list of Seven Wonders of the World and part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu must be one of motivations for visiting Peru.
  • Cusco: This spot is best known for its enchanting archeological remains and impressive Spanish colonial architecture. This serves as the entrance point to a series of Inca sites in the Sacred Valley, making its way to the iconic statue of Cristo Blanco.



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