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5 Best Backpacking Destinations in USA

Backpackers love exploring the natural treasures of Mother Earth by being one amongst its wonderful wonders. In the United States, there is an interesting line-up of best backpacking destinations, and five of the best ones are the following:

  • Continental Divide Trail: What makes this spot famous for backpackers is its diverse beauty and its complementing contrasts, from being a living museum the west to an enchanting natural place for meditation and relaxation. Being one of the most-popular scenic trails in the globe, backpackers get to enjoy a stunning sight of Mother Nature’s wonders while exploring all its corners for some adventure and outdoor pursuits.

Continental Divide Trail Best Bikepacking Destinations in USA

  • Arches National Park: Without a doubt, the best feature of Arches National Park is its almost 2000 natural arches, complimented by soft red sandstones and natural landscapes. The park has ephemeral pools which gives sanctuary to fairy shrimps and tadpoles, and where sandstone basins are also formed. There is no better way to see the grandeur of Arches National Park than to walk and trail amongst all its attractive features, making it one of the most-popular destinations for trailers, campers, and backpackers.
  • Mount Whitney: Serious and seasoned hikers always have the Mount Whitney, only 3 hours from LA California, as their go-to destination for some challenging hike. According to the park rangers, there are about 16,000 visitors the park welcomes year in, year out, but only half of it dare try to reach Mount Whitney’s summit. But what makes it an ideal place for experienced backpackers is its manner of reaching Mount Whitney’s peak which would require some river crossings, navigating slick boulders, and traversing snow fields among others. Once on top, the 360-degree full view of the majestic natural scenery is definitely a sight that takes the breath away.

mount whitney backpacking destinations

  • Grand Canyon National Park: In the United States, one of the most renowned parks is the Grand Canyon National Park which accommodates more than 5 million of tourists, hikers and backpackers annually. Each year, there are about 30,000 backpackers securing permits, but there are only about 13,000 who are lucky enough to experience all the park’s wonderful offerings. Its captivating features is no doubt the reason why this has become a popular destination for outdoor pursuits such as camping, hiking and climbing, as well as passive activities such as picnicking and walking.

Grand Canyon National Park

  • Pacific Crest Trails: backpackers love going to Pacific Crest Trails because along the way, they get to enjoy its seven national parks, 24 untouched forests, 60 mountain ranges, 19 major canyons and over 1000 glorious lakes. Tagged as a complete border –to-border trail, backpackers have tons of activities to do and natural features to explore, making it a popular destination for extreme adventure and outdoor fun.



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