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Asheville, USA

The many titles of Asheville, including “The Paris of the South,”  “San Francisco of the East,” and “ Land of the Sky” are definitely enough to describe how beautiful and breathtaking this city is. Emerging out from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is an absolute beauty, a natural treasure that never ends in attracting tourists. From outdoor adventures such as skiing to passive leisure such as gallery-viewing, the happenings are endless in the bustling city of Asheville.

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As a haven for outdoor pursuits, Asheville is where white rafting, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, zip-lining, and horseback riding are freely carried out. With majestic natural elements such as cascading waterfalls, waterslides, and bike trails, all sorts of recreational activities can possibly happen in Asheville. It is in Ashville where the country’s most-visited nature park is found, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as well as America’s most favorite drive, the Blueridge Parkway.


During the night, visitors are invited to have a monumental experience by stargazing in the Asheville mountains. There is no experience quite like it, seeing the dark sky glitter with innumerable constellations, distant planets, and the mighty golden moon. Because Asheville is embraced by some of the tallest mountains in this region of Mississippi, the city has become the perfect spot for a memorable stargazing activity. With an impeccable climate to boot, there is no wondering why the city is a favorite spot of nature-lovers.

Smoky Mountain National Park blue-ridge-parkway-viaduct-fall_Asheville

The Downtown is worth exploring as well, most especially that the establishments here cater to varied interests.  Here is where hopping from one gallery to the next takes place, thanks to almost 40 art galleries evenly spread in the Downtown. More so, great shopping experience is expected, as it is here where quaint local shops, gift stores, souvenir shops and some retail centers are seen. To be in the Downtown can also mean feasting on the local specialty in one of Asheville’s fine restaurants or winding down with a freshly brewed coffee in one of its homegrown cafes.

chimneysunrise2 chimney-rock

Traveling with kids will never be a challenge in Asheville, as this city knows how to take care and provide fun to the young ones. Asheville boasts of attractions to be enjoyed by youngsters, such as the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park where a thrilling zip-line ride takes place, as well as rock climbing and mid-air kayaking. Riding a Bellyak, a locally-made watercraft, will surely bring delight, and flying a kite while enjoying the scenic natural surrounds is an experience that can be thrilling and fun. And since children always look forward to water adventure, it is here where they can paddle in a river, hike to the majestic waterfalls, or swim in crystal-clear waters. For some adrenalin rush, the 60-foot natural waterslide of Sliding Rock is the perfect choice.



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