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Alnwick, England

Alnwick is often described as the gateway to Northumberland’s magnificent coast and charming countryside, but you will be surprised to learn that Alnwick has a beauty of its own. The town is peaceful and has a laid-back character, very ideal for a relaxing getaway. If your purpose of travel is to break away from the stress and demands of everyday grind, Alnwick is a perfect choice.


Found in the heart of Northumberland, Alnwick exudes an unspoilt beauty which regards it as one of England’s most picturesque regions. What appeals to visitors coming from near and far are the quiet and simply-designed villages, sandy wide beaches, stunning coastline, highly-preserved castles from the medieval times, attractive landscapes and lush gardens.  Similarly, visitors adore the historic town market, where everything– from local antiques to world-class pieces—is sold in very tourist-friendly prices.

Alnwick Alnwick_Castle_02

 In here you will find most of England’s imposing castles, and if you wish to see some or few of it, the Alnwick Castle must be your top priority. It is the second most-inhabited castle in Europe, and of course, the location of the ever-phenomenal novel-turned-movie Harry Potter. If you are a fan of the British sitcom Black Adder, you surely will not get enough of the Alnwick Castle. The walls of the castle served as witnesses of the town’s fascinating history which makes it an important part of the town’s heritage. If the castle’s interior awes you, wait until you get into the huge State Rooms which has a display of some of the country’s finest, expensive, and precious art collection.


 Also in the premises of the castle is the Bailiffgate Museum, and here, you can learn, explore and discover about the town’s culture and history. If you travel with kids, this museum will not bore them, as this attraction presents fun activities and interactive programs for little learners. If you want to see the magnificent views of the castle’s home park, the Hulne Park, head to the iconic Brizlee Tower.


Adjacent the famed castle is the Alnwick Garden, spot that you should not dare miss. The complex design of the garden makes the landscape very captivating, and your eyes will surely feast on every turn. Dotted by monumental fountains and a vast playground for your little ones, the lush Alnwick Castle is an ideal spot for slowing things down, as the picturesque scenery gives out a pleasant and relaxing mood.


To the west valley of Alnwick lies another treasure of English Heritage, the Edlingham Castle, a small castle that dates back 12th century. Properties that belong to the English Heritage that have an easy access from Alnwick include Warkworth Castle, Hadrian’s Wall and Lindisfarne Priory. If you are into books, you will find your piece of paradise in Barter Books. This bookstore is named as UK’s second largest shop for second-hand books. The ambiance here is conducive to reading, thanks to Victorian-made sofas, small fireplaces and the café’s aroma of freshly brewed coffee.



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