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Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is naturally beautiful, and if you are visiting the state, do not miss out on its capital. Phoenix is not just a state capital, it is also USA’s sixth largest city. Its huge size is able to house numerous attractions of varied interests, such as nature, history, arts and festival, not to mention its shopping hubs and dining scene. Not only its line-up of attractions make Phoenix an ideal place to spend the holiday, its welcoming people and impeccable weather also contribute to a memorable getaway.

Downtown_Phoenix_Aerial_Looking_Northeast Phoenix

Getting around Phoenix is ideally done by car, but if the concentration of your tour is just within the Downtown, the Light Rail is the best way to see its attractions. Take note the Light Rail is always the most affordable mode of transportation in Phoenix, but if you have the budget, taxis and rent-a-car services are also available. Three out of the five famous skyscrapers in Phoenix is in the Downtown, and some of the notable attractions include Arizona Science Center, The Gallery at City Hall, the Arizona State Capitol and Orpheum Theatre. For a more upbeat happening, you have to go to Cityscape for bars, restaurants and shops, Downtown Farmers Market for food trucks and fresh produce, The Nash for live jazz music, and Copper Square for events pertaining to art, culture and entertainment.

phoenix_1_0 Phoenix Arizona Skyline with Mountains

If you are fond of the great outdoors, you will definitely fall in love with Phoenix. Here is where extensive trailing is found courtesy of South Mountain Park, and the hike in the natural wonder Camelback Mountain will surely bring you an awesome experience. And if you have a liking for blooming flowers, the best attraction for you to see is the Desert Botanical Garden. For more outdoor activities, head to North Phoenix where the majestic Phoenix Mountains are found, an attraction that permits adventure-filled activities including hiking, camping, nature-exploring and other outdoor pursuits. Take note, however, that since Phoenix’s sunshine is perpetual, it is wise to bring a sunblock with you when you are heading out.


If you are traveling with the family, the young ones won’t get enough of what Phoenix has for them. Topping the list of children’s attractions include the renowned Phoenix Zoo, Here, they will see different species of animals in the flesh, and they might also be given an opportunity to have super-close encounter with them. The city is also teeming with amusement and theme parks, where your children can unleash their playful and adventurous side.  Castles N Coasters, Enchanted Island Amusement Park, and Jambo Park are the popular ones, where rides, entertainment, dining areas and souvenir shops are such a hit to kids.


Phoenix is beaming with culture, tradition, historic sites and natural attractions, inviting you to explore them all. With so much to see, do and experience, this city is the perfect destination whether for a quick holiday away from the stressful grind or for a long vacation for relaxation and adventure.



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