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Pamplona, Spain

The streets are inviting for a relaxing stroll, the live music is remarkable, and the people are incredibly warm and friendly—these and more best describe Pamplona, an alluring city nestled in Navarra, Spain. Those who have been in Pamplona wish to come back to face again the remarkable experience Pamplona extends. If you are given the opportunity to be in this top-rated destination, do not think otherwise.

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Pamplona, which is situated on a stunning hill above the bank of Rio Arga, is said to be very significant in the Spanish Pyrenees. When you step in its premises, you cannot deny its strong historical appeal courtesy of its city walls, fortresses, squares and museums that best describe Pamplona’s interesting past. You will have an easy time exploring its history, as most of its historical structures and ancient buildings are in close distances with each other.  Ciudadela, Plaza del Castillo, Plaza de Rodeznos, Plaza de los Fueros de Navarra, Cathedral Basílica Santa María la Real, Iglesia de San Cernin o San Saturnino, Museo de Navarra and Capilla Museo are some of the must-see attractions if you want to learn the old days of Pamplona.


Pamplona is hailed as one of the greenest cities in Europe, thanks to its vast green areas that measure to about 11 million square miles, including the 11 kilometer green areas that run through River Agra. The greenery here is best experienced through its nature parks and leisure spots, such as Jardin del Senorio de Bertiz. The park’s romantic bridge, ornate lake and stunning garden will surely please your eyes, as its picturesque surrounds inspire you to stay for a pleasant stroll. Pamplona has network of parks, and with facilities inviting to tourists, to include some of them in the itinerary is surely worth it. Some of the great parks worth seeing include La Tonera Park, Pamplona’s oldest park, as well as Larraina, Del Mundo, Biurdana, Vuelta del Castillo, Aranzadi and La Ciudadela parks.

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You are definitely in luck if you are scheduled to be in Pamplona in mid-July, as you will witness the event that made Pamplona known to the world—the Fiesta de San Fermin.  The highlight of the fiesta is its colorful parades composed of Cabezudos (big heads) and Gigantes (giants). Another winning event during the fiesta is the bull fight, and this event gathers thousands upon thousands of spectators from near and far. The Plaza del Toros is closed to give way to the parade of the fighting bulls and the “running of the bulls,’’ where men agitate the bulls and race ahead of them through the streets.

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Completing your Pamplona getaway is its gastronomic treat. The city has an excellent line-up of restaurants, giving you a hard time to decide on where to start. Take note that vegetables dishes here are top notch, so do not hesitate to order artichokes, asparagus and piquillo red peppers. The wines of Navarra are an absolute-must, and this is not to be missed during your escapade. Tasting rose wine, red wine, and wild berry wine can be the perfect way to cap off your adventure in the astonishing city of Pamplona.



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