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Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania nicely sits in the farthest southern part of Australia. Nature has been kind to this region, blessing it abundantly with gorgeous beaches, jagged mountains and lush rainforests. It has the smallest land area and smallest population, factors why nature remains intact and untouched. Bass Strait isolated Tasmania from the rest of Australia, but that did not hinder it from becoming one of the most-visited destinations of the country.


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Hobart, the state capital, is where Tasmania visitors enter and is also the perfect place to jumpstart the adventure. Getting around is definitely easy, may it be by car, taxi, bus or train. Bicycle is a popular choice when sight-seeing attractions that are stitched together, while visiting far flung areas is made possible through a plane ride.


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Among Australia’s six states, Tasmania is the smallest. But do not be fooled by its tiny size as this island has the grandest showcase of stunning interior and awesome coastline that result to a trip that is above typical. If the purpose of the holiday is to be close to nature, the island’s north is the place to be. Visitors are welcomed by rich wildlife and serene roads heading to the region’s most-stunning destinations. Cradle Mountain National Park takes the lead among the northern attractions, where forested river valleys and nature trails are at its best.  The boat ride to the Gordon River, hike in West Coast Wilderness and Corina Wilderness, seal-watch in Stanley and surf in Marrawah are carried out in this part of the state.


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The Freycinet Peninsula, situated halfway through the east coast, is the perfect place for achieving relaxation. Home of the world-renowned Freycinet National Park, natural wonders in this part of Tasmania comprise of tranquil beaches, fine seafronts and captivating mountain ranges. If there is an attraction not to be missed in the east coast, it is the Wineglass Bay, one of the world’s best beaches. The west coast is not far behind when it comes to captivating destinations.  Strahan is an important village defined as the state’s historic and scenic port. Natural beauty is witnessed in Wilderness World Heritage Area and the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers.


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Hobart, the capital, has the perfect blending of cityscape and alluring waterfronts. Here,  fishing boats, yachts and various water vessels dominate the scene, giving a perfect backdrop to its galleries, shops and restaurants. Keeping the streets of Hobart alive are the weekend market, traditional fiestas and state-wide festivals. For a full urban experience, head to Launceston. This picturesque riverside city is where tranquil nature parks and serene gardens are found, dotted with well-preserved structures in Victorian architecture. Launceston is a proof that Tasmania is not all greenery and wilderness, as arts, culture, food and wine are the main happenings in this city.


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Australia’s isolated island is where the most memorable holiday activities are carried out courtesy of its world-class destinations and outstanding accommodations. Every tourist leaves Tasmania in awe, looking forward to another remarkable adventure on its beaches, mountains, rainforests and historic places.



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