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South Africa

South Africa is a pretty large country with a rich landscape and wide nature sites. It is a country that is proud of its vineyards and ancient wine cellars, not to mention that it is one of the world’s major gold producers. With rainfalls evenly distributed all throughout the year, the impeccable weather is perfect for discovering all its corners. South Africa is truly a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, making it one of the most-visited places in the world.


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South Africa has ten airports all busy in welcoming tourists from the different parts of the globe. The three big ones are the Cape Town International Airport, Tambo International Airport and Durban International Airport. Visitors from nearby destinations enter through regional flights, by car or by boat. There are local flights for visitors who will be touring the entire country, while for visiting attractions that are near each other, it can be done through a rented or private car, bus or train. Recently, motorhome has become popular to international visitors as they get to enjoy home-like amenities whilst in travel.


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Because South Africa is packed with must-see places from one end to another, staying here is essential to achieve maximum travel fulfillment. Being a famous tourist destination, the country has hotels and accommodations evenly spread in all its touristic places, offering outstanding services in varied budgets. The dining spots have a wide variety of cuisines to offer, from local dishes to international culinary, which give satisfaction to discerning foodies.

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South Africa has a network of attraction that is totally irresistible. Cape Town is arguably the county’s most popular destination and it cannot be denied that most tourists head to South Africa for this famous attraction alone. Cape Town, Cape Peninsula and the Cape Point have an abundance of nature’s wonders, making them famous for their breathtaking beauty. The Table Mountain and Durban’s beaches are not to be missed. Because South Africa has a laid-back and calming atmosphere, touring its wide vineyards and tasting its sweet wine is a major part of the trip. For a nostalgic feel, its historic towns are the best places to explore.


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Described as paradise on Earth, the world-known Garden Route is loaded with pleasant scenery that satisfies nature-lovers all over the globe. Kruger National Park, another destination not to be missed, boasts of 2 million hectares of wildlife and ecosystems. Here, the Big Five—the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and white or black rhinoceros– is best witnessed through a 4×4 ride or a safari tour. Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve must be a part in the itinerary where apart from Blyde River Canyon, its scenic hiking trails serve as gateway to natural wonders.


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Take note that South Africa is not all about nature and wildlife, for here, urban amenities and city life are evident as well. The Wild Coat is where golfing and gambling enthusiasts head to. It is also dotted with deserted beaches where dolphin-watching is carried-out. Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s bustling cities, is known as The City of Gold where shopping, entertainment and dining-out seem endless.



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