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Wales, Great Britain

One of the countries that make up Great Britain is Wales. Because of its unbeatable natural beauty comprised of jagged mountains and rolling hills; and interesting history defined by numerous castles, this country attracts millions of visitors all over the globe per year. Sitting on a stunning region in the western peninsula, Wales is definitely the best place for an adventure and a memorable escape.


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Cardiff International Airport is where visitors enter. From the airport, there are bus services that lead tourists to their destinations. There is an excellent road system in Wales which makes connection to different parts of the country efficient. Depending on what the itinerary dictates, visitors can roam around by private or rented car, bus or train.


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Wales is known to the world due to its incomparable attractions. Since Wales is divided into three significant regions, all of which are equally beautiful, to experience and witness the beauty of Wales according to region is one of the best options.


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Considered a rural area full of charm and character, North Wales is famous for its quaint and picturesque towns. Found south of Scotland, this part of Wales is dominated with the country’s highest mountains. If there is one important attraction to visit in North Wales, Snowdonia National Park is it. As the biggest National Park of the country, Snowdonia National Park is the region’s absolute gem which comprises of hundreds of lakes, miles and miles of majestic beaches, and the country’s highest mountain–the Mount Snowdon. Being a major tourist destination, North Wales is dotted with sophisticated hotels, holiday resorts and classy restaurants, despite its being rural in nature.


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Mid Wales perfectly embodies the country’s wildlife, natural beauty and colorful culture.  With an impeccable weather to boot, this region is perfect in exploring all its market towns, scenic trails and fabulous spas. Brecon Beacons is no doubt the most popular among the network of attractions in Mid Wales. It is not only popular for its upland formations, forests, waterfalls, lakes, gorges and valleys, this destination is close to becoming an International Dark Sky Reserve as well. The sky here is amazingly different, the kind of sky only seen in sci-fi films. Nocturnal creatures such as bats and owls are included in the night sky adventure.


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Nature has blessed Wales with all the beauty and wonders, but this does not make Wales short of city happenings. South Wales is where great scenery is dotted with fine restaurants, upbeat pubs, shopping hubs and historic districts. Cardiff, the capital of the country, serves as the starting point of the South Wales escapade. In particular, must-see places in South Wales include Swansea, a relatively large urban center accentuated with lovely beaches. This part of Wales is also popular as being the host of the breathtaking Gower Peninsula.


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The country of Wales has a plethora of attractions a discerning travel deserves to witness and experience. If you are planning a tour in Great Britain, hesitate not on choosing Wales. Its stunning attractions are perfectly crafted for everyone’s enjoyment, making the holidays hard to forget.



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