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Perth, Australia

Australia is one among the many must-see places in the world. It boasts of a multitude of attractions and it takes pride of its diverse culture. But if you are a traveler with a packed schedule and must choose one part of Australia to visit, Perth can be your best bet.  One of Western Australia’s popular attractions, here is where you can have absolute fun while being close to nature, urban amenities and historic districts while trying out interesting cuisine and mingling with welcoming locals.


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A magical destination to be during the holidays, your trip cannot go wrong with its perfect climate and , bundle of attractions. Perth Airport is your gateway to a fantastic adventure, or you may also enter via passenger ships or trans-continental railway. Getting around Perth is definitely convenient as the attractions are pretty near each other. Its public transport system consisting of buses, trains and taxis is fairly reliable.


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You will surely want to experience and see everything in Perth, and in that case, to sleep here is recommended. Hotels are mostly concentrated in the city center or the central business district and in the premises of Perth’s tourist destinations. In recent years, adventure-related trips are making waves in Perth, the reason why backpacker hostels, camp sites and caravan parks have become a hit.  European, Asian and local culinary dominate Perth’s dining scene so you will surely find that particular dish that tickles your palette as you explore on new and interesting ones. Most of the restaurants transform into a party zone as the weekend approaches.


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The central business district boasts of touristic spots worthy to be seen. The Bell Tower and Perth Mint are two of the attractions that bear historical importance, while Perth Zoo and Kings Park are famous venues that cater to families with kids. Some of the country’s important museums and galleries are also found along the premises of the central business district. These attractions have distances close to each other, so touring the metropolis is definitely hassle-free.


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Outside the metropolis, awe-inspiring natural scenery completes your Perth holiday. This side of Australia has the country’s most stunning beaches which become busier and upbeat during the summer months where beach happenings are on its peak. Scarborough beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth due to its easy access and inviting atmosphere.


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Perth is also known for its wineries. The Swan Valley vineyards, best known for its sweet wines, offer wine tours and wine-tasting packages. There are also chocolate factories and hiking and cycling trails within the valley’s borders. What is fantastic about your Perth visit is that it can also be your gateway to other Australia’s nature sites including Dryandra Woodland, Nambung National Park, Yanchep National Park and the Sunset Coast.



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