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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

With vast plains comprising of 1.5 million hectares and well-known biological diversity, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania has become Africa’s most famous attraction. Serengeti National Park is home to the world’s largest herds that make it the continent’s richest grazing land. With all its natural splendor, Serengeti National Park is definitely Africa’s most impressive and finest park and arguably the most beautiful nature spectacle in the world.


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The way to get-in this world-famous natural habitat is through Kilimanjaro Airport. From there, the Arusha road that leads to the park passes through the Lake Manyara National Park’s gate, goes through Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, passes through the Olduvai Gorge and finally enters through the Naabi Hill Gate. To not miss out on the important spots and happenings in the park, and to assure of  safe and secured trip, it is best to join group tours where tourist guides are highly-trained in protecting the spectators and familiar in wandering the vast land of the park.


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Serengeti National Park has become most famous because for its migration. Every October to November, when the months experience rains, almost 200,000 zebras and close to a million wildebeest migrate from the hills of the north to the plains of the south. Nowhere in the world has the incredible display of millions of animals marching in the wilderness, a feature that is only unique to Serengeti National Park.


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More than 500 bird species, including ostrich, crowned crane and martial eagle have found sanctuary in Serengeti National Park and it is best to view them in the early and late daylight. There are also sightings of cheetah, African leopards, African elephants, black rhinoceros, lions, African buffalos and high concentration of predators and rare animals only seen in books and movies. Apart from being an animal kingdom, the vast park has uninterrupted views of nature comprising of clear rivers and iconic landscapes.


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Being a major tourist destination, many head to Serengeti National Park to have a glimpse of the wildlife and to have a first-hand safari experience. It is highly recommended to join a safari tour where sleeping in mobile camps adds to the height of the unique experience.  Mobile camps are light-weight camps that move as the migration moves. Mobile camps may be a hit, but take note that accommodation in the park is not limited there. The park hosts excellent choices of places to stay, such as Safari Lodges that have hotel-like amenities and Luxury Tented Camps with private terraces and sophisticated interior.


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Serengeti National Park is no doubt the “King of all Safaris” and no other place can grant such a unique and outstanding sights. To be in this park is like getting lost in paradise where only lush green and fresh air is in the background, apart from the wildlife that best defines the park. There is nothing else like Serengeti National Park and every moment is absolutely unforgettable.



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