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Scottish Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom

Scotland is full of wonders and surprises, and Scottish HIghlands is one of its treasures worthy to be explored. Known locally as the Highlands, this jagged northern north-western region of the country is home to most of Europe’s vast wilderness. Many mountain ranges are evident in the region, and with a very low population, one just cannot imagine how serene and tranquil the Highlands could be.


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Blessed with majestic attractions, Scottish Highlands easily became a famous tourist destination. People begin their Highlands getaway when they land in Inverness Airport, the main airport that serves Scottish Highlands. For visitors coming from nearby cities, there are railways and buses that serve the region. Meanwhile, visitors who opt to enter via car are given a bonus of the most scenic surrounds while driving along the roads that lead to the Highlands. As the roads that head to the majestic sights are in excellent condition, driving around the region adds pleasure to the trip.


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As the Highlands is merited with numerous sights and activities to explore, to stay in the region for a few days is the best way to complete the adventure.  There are plenty of accommodations to choose from to suit any given lifestyle and budget. In addition to the top-class hotels with added fine dining feature and luxurious treats, found along the major tourist spots are unique villas, quaint inns and sophisticated B&B’s. With excellent line-up of hotels and accommodations, one cannot help but commend the home-like experience when staying in the Highlands.


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Despite its reputation as a famous tourist spot, Scottish Highlands amazingly preserve its remote status. In fact, some areas of the Highlands have small villages that can only be reached through boat. It is not at all a surprising to learn that it is in the region’s remote areas where soaking in Highland’s natural attractions such as mountains, rivers and beaches in magnificent coastline happens.


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Meanwhile, the bigger cities of Scottish Highlands equally boast of interesting attractions. Inverness is home to eye-catching castles and suspended bridges along the River Ness. Fort William, on the other hand, is proud to have the stunning Steall Waterfalls, and it is also in this district where shopping and historical tours happen.


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As the tour proceeds, one cannot help but be amazed on how wealthy Scottish Highlands is when it comes to historic towns and unscathed natural scenery. The region has the most extensive wilderness in Europe, including the ones that are proclaimed as national parks: The Cairngorms National Park is Scotland’s largest national park and  Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park is the country’s very first national park, two of the highly-maintained parks tourists should not dare miss. The Highland’s spectacular scenery is indescribable, and there is no denying that it is one of the world’s must-see destinations.



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