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Provence, France

Provence, a famous historical province in France, abounds with numerous wonders waiting to be explored. With a vast region encompassing the Mediterranean Sea up to the French Alps, its unique geographical feature results to breathtaking sights and irresistible charm. French Riviera and the city of Avignon are arguably Provence’s most-famous attractions, but there is actually more to this sought-after holiday destination. Provence boasts of quaint villages, colorful culinary, interesting culture and friendly people, easily making it one of the world’s best tourist destinations.


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Evening Twilight - Valensole Plain - Provence - France

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Because Provence is a compact city, getting around by car is very ideal. The roads are good which paves the way for easy navigation. But because there are too many attractions in every turn, walking around the touristic destinations is probably the only way to not miss out on any of its significant sights. Expect to have a good line-up of accommodations, as touring Provence means lingering in this lovely place for quite a while. In addition to hotels of different ranges, there is also an option for exquisite villas, decent B&B’s and affordable inns.


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Provence is synonymous to homegrown wines, cheeses and Provencal cuisine that are genuinely tasty and flavor-rich. Its traditional dishes should not be missed–Pissaladiere or pizza topped with onion, anchovy and olives and Daube Provençale or French stew of softened beef in red wine and spices. The bright, tasty and colorful wines reflect Provence’s lifestyle, so the itinerary must include vineyard visit and wine tasting in the La Celle village where most of the wineries are located.  End the daytrip strolling in its huge colorful street markets where goat cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, oven-fresh pastries and various regional treats are offered.


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Provence is blessed with natural scenery ideal for all sorts of exciting activities. There is no other place in France where the lakes, streams and rivers are abundant. Among its famous waters are the lake of Carces, lake of Quinson, River Argens and  gorges of Caramy where various water sports are carried out. Hiking is a popular activity as well, and Saint Baume forest up to the caves of St. Mary Magdalene are among the best sights for this kind of adventure. The peak of Saint Pilon Chapel is famous for its awe-inspiring views most especially under the clear blue sky.


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Gordes Provence France

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In addition to all these, the charisma of its villages is hard to miss. With 39 villages distinctly defined by its own character and aura, to see and feel the treasures of each village can be the highlight of the Provence getaway. Provence is accentuated by its wealth of natural beauty and colorful tradition, and with endless attractions to discover and activities to try, this place is certainly the perfect destination for a memorable holiday.



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