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Malawi, Africa

Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa, has been welcoming visitors who have a yearning for the unique blending of Africa’s stunning landscapes, lakes, wildlife and culture. It is the home of Lake Malawi, Africa’s third largest lake. It is easy to conclude that Malawi’s best asset is its natural wonders, but the truth is that, Malawi’s greatest pride is its people—the friendly, vibrant, welcoming and warm locals in this side of Africa.


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Tourists enter Malawi through its biggest airport located in Lilongwe, the capital of the country. Tourists who are visiting other African destinations enter Malawi through the airports of Addis Ababa, Johannesburg and Nairobi. Most parts of Malawi, especially the capital and other major cities, have excellent road conditions which makes touring around by car or public transport smooth and easy. For a more gratifying experience, touring via boat rides is an excellent option.


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Malawi is a country that is proud of its multiple attractions. It has the perfect blending of culture and nature making this compact country a wonderful place for spending the holidays. Unarguably, the queen of all attractions is Lake Malawi, a huge body of water margined by pristine beaches of golden sands. Being its most important gem, Lake Malawi gives way to exciting water-related sports and other outdoor opportunities. Malawi’s landscape is fringed with highlands, plateau, plains and mountains that make it a green, lush country. With a notable number of evergreen forests and peaks that include Sapitwa, the highest of not just the country but the whole of Africa, Malawi is where the most impressive natural scenery of Africa lies.


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Malawi is a paradise for adventure-seekers and thrill-lovers. Its wildlife boasts of all types of safaris in an environment of wide wilderness. It has an array of natural parks where hippos, elephants, crocodiles and leopards are homed. Liwonde National Park along the Shire River is a famous spot for nature lovers where its varied terrains provide perfect outdoor activities such as trekking, trailing and mountain biking. Adding to the irresistible assets of the country are the friendly, warm and welcoming Malawian people. They display the most genuine smiles and they welcome visitors in an old-fashioned and cultural way which makes the tour more pleasant and interesting.


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Lilongwe, being the capital and the busiest spot of the country, is where various types of accommodations is found. Being a major tourist attraction, most of the hotels in the capital and major cities such as Blantyre and Zomba may be modest-looking but follow the western standards. There are also lodges, inns and B&Bs for tourists with a certain budget to follow. Similarly, the big cities have great dining options and fast foods are everywhere to serve comfort foods such as burger and pizza. No visitor leaves Malawi without tasting the traditional Malawian food, the maize dipped in different relishes such as beef, chicken, fish or dried fish, pumpkin leaves and beans.



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