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Croatia is proud to have the most beautiful coastlines, making it one of the sought-after destinations in Europe. It has magnificent shores and countless islands that is why it is named as the region’s important touristic spot. With the most beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean that houses picturesque natural scenery, Croatia has made it to the top European destinations discerning travelers should never miss.


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Croatia is situated in the Southeast Europe on the east portion of the Adriatic Sea and the east side of Italy. Loaded with natural resources, scenic attractions and rich heritage, Croatia is surely not for the single-day traveler. The most attractive spots in Croatia are found at Adriatic Sea. The awesome features of the seawater have long been the main reason why tourists flock in the country, and with an impeccable weather to boot, the beach life in Croatia is absolutely second to none. Split, the largest city in the Adriatic Coast is worthy of a short visit. Diocletian’s Palace, ruins of Roman Salona and the Renaissance town of Trogir, are Split’s most-valued treasures alongside enchanting mountains that peer through miles and miles of stunning beaches.


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Istria is a well-developed touristic destination characterized by strong Italian influences. Unique for its hilltop villages, it is in Istria where the renowned Pula Amphitheater, the sixth largest existing Roman arena and one of the most relevant Roman monuments in Croatia, is found. The huge arena is a famous venue where the most important events of the country are held. Nestled next to Istria is Kvarner Riviera, famous for world-renowned resorts such as Opatija, Crikvenica and Lovran. Its fashionable and upscale resort and hotel accommodations make this side of Croatia popular to affluent and well-to-do travelers.


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Slavonia, sitting on the northeastern region of Croatia, is where Kopacki Rit is seen, Europe’s largest natural wetland. The huge nature park houses a spectacular birdlife making it a perfect destination for excellent outdoor and countryside activities. In the southern part of Croatia is the island of Mljet, where the vast majority of it is blanketed with virgin forests accentuated with vineyards, lush fields and small lakes. Korcula, Croatia’s sixth biggest island, is one of the most attractive towns of Croatia due to its extraordinary architecture. Rovinj is equally beautiful courtesy of pastel-colored houses, inviting offshore islands, unique indented coastline and splendid forests. Hvar, on the other hand, is nestled in a natural bay and is best known for its lavender fields, fruit orchards and olive groves.


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Dubrovnik, known as Pearl of the Adriatic, served as a walled city for maritime trade. The place is known for its attention-catching architecture, intricately-done churches, majestic fountains and historically-significant establishments. Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, boasts of irresistible sights, extensive line-up of restaurants, areas for entertainment, a wide range of hotels and accommodations, and fine shopping destinations. Proud of these unbeatable attractions, it cannot be denied why Croatia is indeed a beautiful country worthy of a trip. Either the travel is for adventure, relaxation, honeymoon or a simple family getaway, Croatia is the place where gratifying moments happen in every turn.


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