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Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Sitting on the edge of the rich soil of Red Basin, Sichuan Province’s capital Chengdu is considered as the “Heavenly State” of China. Chengdu is the proud home of the giant pandas and is a renowned place of natural wonders and picturesque scenery. The capital encompasses an area of 12.3 thousand square kilometres consisting of mineral resources, lush forests and unspoilt rivers. With its laid-back appeal, awesome greenery, impeccable weather and welcoming people, Chengdu is no doubt one of China’s most important tourist destinations.

Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport endlessly receives visitors wanting to see and experience the magnificence of Chengdu. From the airport, there are available transportation, such as taxis and buses, which lead the tourists to the city. For convenience, hotel car service and rent-a-car service can also be arranged. Getting a public transport for city tour is pretty easy, as there are terminals for taxis and buses in every corner. For short distances, motorized pedicabs are interesting options. Getting around is pretty much easy unless during the rush hours when the traffic can be very challenging.


Chengdu at night

Being a major tourist destination in China made Chengdu a host of all sorts of accommodations ranging from budgeted yet decent to luxurious and high-end. World-class hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, InterContinental Century City Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel are seen here.  Meanwhile, tourists also rave the affordable yet top-notch service of The Loft Design Hostel, Jason’s Nest Guest House and Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel to name a few. The dining scene is excellent as well, but take note that it is dominated by authentic Sichuan cuisines. Sought-after dishes include hotpot meals and chilly dragon prawns and the exotic ones like spicy snails and rabbit meat. Together with Cantonese and Hong Kong restaurants lined-up in the commercial areas, there are also Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Irish restaurants, as well restaurants that cater to the Western palate.

Chengdu Plain

Chengdu city

Most of the travelers head to Chengdu to witness the adorable giant panda and to feel the old soul of China. Apart from that, the attractions tourists should never miss include Leshan City’s 71-meter high The Great Buddha; Mount Emei’s great Buddhist temples including the most famous The Monastery of Ten Thousand Years;  and Jiuzhaigou National Park’s and Huanglong National Park’s clear lakes, stunning waterfall, gorgeous mountains and colorful ponds.

Bridge, City of Chengdu, Sichuan province, China

Chengdu Sichuan China

When all the nature trips and temple visits are done, tourists can have a quaint experience in the streets of Kuanzhaixiangzi for a relaxing snack and afternoon tea. The stretch of Chunxi Road has traditional shops, while the Tianfu Square district boasts of luxurious retail stores. And because Chengdu is known for its slow-paced and laid-back lifestyle, a soothing foot and body massage is perfect to cap off the tour. With awesome attractions to see, authentic Sichuan foods to savor, culture to learn and tradition to feel, Chengdu is definitely a destination for every discerning traveler.



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