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Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is one of the largest Dodecanese Islands of Greece, located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It sits southeast of Athens, northeast of Crete, and just off Turkey’s Anatolian coast.  From the beginning, it has been a tourist destination in Europe as the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is located here. Similarly, The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes, a World Heritage Site, is also in Rhodes. This side of Europe has never paused in attracting tourists all over the globe and now in the modern days, it has become extremely popular because of its chain of breath-taking beaches.


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Rhode’s south, north and east coasts are popular for their clear beaches and inviting shores, all bearing distinct features it calls its own. The northern and eastern coasts are popular for its lively, bustling and upscale beaches and tourist resorts such as Faliráki beach, Kallithéa and Sun Beach Resort. The southern coast is the quieter side of Rhodes known for its tranquil and slow-paced environment where relaxed activities such as kite surfing and windsurfing are ideal. With a sunny and mild climate, touring and exploring the world-famous beaches of Rhodes become more favorable.


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Rhodes is truly a blessed place, for aside from its golden beaches, it is abundant of bright green hills and lush green valleys. Adding to the perfect holiday getaway is the blending of cultural and archeological sites situated in the cosmopolitan yet traditional setting. Enter the Old Town through the Gate of Freedom and be instantly awed of its well-preserved ancient beauty. The Palace of the Grand Master, now one of the island’s must-see museums, is undeniably the highlight of the Old Town.


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With Rhode’s exceptional beauty, it is just right that you spend the holiday in this famous Europe destination. You will enter the grandiose of the island either through Rhodes International Airport or Cruise ships docked at the Commercial Port. Taxis and car rental services are available for getting around, and with all major buses reaching the significant places and tourist attractions of Rhodes, it just proves how tourist-friendly this destination is.


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Finding a hotel to stay-in for the holidays is never a problem in Rhodes, as all towns are boasting of hotels, B&Bs, inns and specialty lodgings. While there are five-star hotels like Rodos Park Suites & Spa that offer high-end facilities and luxurious treats, there are also modest and decent ones like Panorama B&B and Avalon Boutique Hotel that exude a homey feel without ruining the budget. And of course, Rhodes is also packed with seemingly endless list of restaurants that offer a wide-array of cuisine including the traditional and authentic Greek dishes, international culinary, fast food chains, and street foods.



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