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The Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Caribbean

The Grand Cayman is the largest among the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is a tropical paradise suitable for water lovers, snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts. Its tons of attractions, mostly heavenly beaches, make Grand Cayman a favorite destination of anyone seeking sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So many tourists are coming here every year mostly because of the breathtaking beaches and crystal clear water.


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The climate here is tropical marine comprising of warm, wet summers and dry winters–a perfect day to enjoy the surrounds and beaches. With millions of visitors it attracts all over the globe, Grand Cayman’s economy enjoys the significant contribution the tourism department generates. Owen Roberts International Airport is the main gateway to the island, while there are also visitors who enter Grand Cayman through cruise ships.


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The Seven Mile Beach on the west side is unarguably the most famous spot in Grand Cayman. Endless stretch of white sand and crystal-clear waters fills this crescent-shaped natural wonder. What makes it more even endearing is the low population and peaceful environment despite the many tourists that come and go. Completing the package are restaurants, bars and clubs, all geared to provide total satisfaction and incomparable relaxation one could ever have.


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One of the most favorite activities on the south side of Grand Cayman is the Stingray City tour, where people can be one with the large rays, feed and pet them. Take note that the rays, once given food, become submissive and friendly, which makes carrying large rays for a photo-op possible. Snorkeling while watching the rays gracefully swim is another activity to look forward to. And of course, diving will never be out of the picture.  Stingray City tour, including the water activities that go with it, is just one of the many adventures that can be arranged in Grand Cayman. There are reputable agencies around Grand Cayman for these kinds of tours.


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Being in an island does not mean nature tripping all the time, for here, shopping is also an activity most visitors await. The George Town, the islands urban-like spot, is where famous designer brands like Gucci and Versace are purchased without tax, hence, a tag that bears a price that is hard to resist. And for that local touch, there are craftsmen that sell unique souvenirs and tokens, something to remind the splendid Grand Cayman holiday.


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Being a tourist destination, Grand Cayman’s number of hotels, resorts and inns are quite impressive, leaving tourists an easy time to find a home for the holidays. Its hotels and resorts, like the five-star Grand Cayman Beach Suites and the mid-range Sunshine Suites, are highly concentrated in Seven Mile Beach.  There are also a good number of decent inns and bed and breakfasts around, like Eldemire’s B&B Guest House and Rocky Shore Guest House. Lately, renting an apartment that is complete with house facilities has become the “in” thing to tourists of families and big groups.



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