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St-Martin / St Maarten, Caribbean

St. Martin is an island in the northeastern part of the Caribbean. This island is both a part of France and Netherlands and because of that, the island is better known as St-Martin / St Maarten. By far, this is the smallest island that is divided between two territories. Princess Juliana International Airport serves as the main entry point to St. Martin, and for private flights, there is an airport in the north near Grand Case. In the recent years, tourists prefer cruise ships which arrive in Philipsburg, making it the busiest part of St. Martin. On the other hand, Marigot of the French side is where tourists from small cruise ships, ferry services and yachts arrive.


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With almost 37 beaches, crystal blue waters and fine powdery sands make this island a heaven for beach lovers. With majestic beaches attracting tourists worldwide, St. Martin’s tourism continues to soar in this side of the Caribbean. Hotels, bars, casual to fine dining restaurants, shops and cafes line-up in the shores, making them reasons why the beaches are busy and alive at all times. Take note that there are beaches on the French side that allow topless sunbathing or nude swimming. Orient Bay, Cupeco Beach, Pelican Beach and Guana Bay Beach are only few of the bundles of beaches tourists go to for the holiday.

Crossing St Martin to SInt Maarten

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One of the activities that make the visitors busy is shopping. May it be on the Dutch side or the French side, tourists find buying from numerous boutiques a gratifying experience. Apart from in-demand goods that include local arts and hand-made crafts, jewelry, tobacco, leather and exotic foods, shopping aficionados also see St. Martin as a paradise of designer goods as each brand offer almost 40% discount and retail prices lower than the US counterpart. Outdoor markets are equally loved by shoppers.


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Trying out authentic French cuisine is an exciting experience to look forward to, but for the more conservative ones, there’s always Mexican, American, Italian and Asian in every corner. The presence of the more familiar dining options, such as McDonald’s Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and Taco Bell are for those who miss the taste of comfort food. And if hunger creeps in along the way, there are always food trucks and street food to satisfy the palate.


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Saint Maarten is one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world, and it is considered as a paradise destination by almost everyone that has been here. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists coming here every year. Some of them come because of the luxury they can find here, some of them because of the amazing beaches, but the most important is that they are always satisfied of this amazing place.



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