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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is located on the heart of a large and continuous stretch of Grand Strand beach in the northeastern of South Carolina. This side of the South Atlantic Coast is boasting of wide, pristine beaches, large golf courses and stunning outdoor views ideal for recreation and adventure. Add the city’s subtropical climate to these irresistible features and you will experience unlimited options for fun, thrill and enjoyable activities that will fill most of your Myrtle Beach adventure. Myrtle Beach is a major tourist destination in the US and you will enter its attractive premises through the Myrtle Beach International Airport, or if you are aboard a private flight, you will arrive at Myrtle Beach through the Grand Strand Regional Airport. Most of the tourists who have been going in and out of Myrtle prefer taxis or car-rental services when getting around, but to completely immerse yourself to the culture and tradition of the city, touring by bus is the best to do it.


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Because Myrtle Beach has become a prime tourist destination, hotel and accommodations here have become infinite, and that means you will never have a hard time searching for a home that you can temporarily call your own. From family-friendly accommodation to intimate couples-only rooms, the hotels in Myrtle Beach meet the requirement and budget of everyone. And if you are lucky, you can even find yourself staying in one of the beach houses or beach condos where the stunning sight of the waters greet you in the morning and the dramatic view of the sunset signals the end of the day.


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This side of South Carolina has a diverse section of food choices ranging from the classic American favorites such as hamburgers and fries to the most exquisite international dishes and fusion of word-class cuisine. Being a coastal city, you can never go wrong with the seafood dishes here, but take note that buffet and steaks are famous as well. Savoring sumptuous dishes in front of the breath-taking view of the waters and the clear, blue sky speaks the kind of dining experience in Myrtle Beach.


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With 60 miles of fine sand, inviting waters and perfect weather, the beach automatically becomes everybody’s favorite playground. Attracting over 14 millions of visitors each year, Myrtle has never ceased in welcoming tourists from near and far. Apart from Myrtle’s water, sand and sun, the area is also boasting of attractive features such as theme parks, state parks and other outdoor destinations.


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Condos for Sale Myrtle Beach Ocean View

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If you are fond of outdoor recreation, you can go fishing or golfing, or simply roam the city by foot to appreciate the wonders the nature has blessed Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach State Park is an all-in-one camping ground where you can go fishing, hiking, nature-trailing, or be up-close with dolphins, exotic birds, sea turtles and other rare animals. And to unleash the shopping aficionado in you, head to Broadway at the Beach, one of Myrtle’s best spots when it comes to shopping and retail therapy.


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The 350 acres space gives house to major department stores and boutiques, fine restaurants and venues for live show and entertainment. With all these incomparable features combined, no one can question why Myrtle Beach is one of South Carolina’s most-priced gems. Whether it is for relaxation, recreation, excitement or adventure, every corner of Myrtle Beach delivers an experience hard to forget.



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