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Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, the most cosmopolitan of all the cities of Morocco, is defined by high-end boutiques, upbeat nightlife and chains of restaurants. Known in the world as simply Casa, the country’s largest city is nicely sitting on the western portion of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean. Since it serves as North Africa’s chief port, it has become a major commercial center as well. Despite its strong industrial appeal, Casablanca has touristic appeal it calls its own.


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You will enter Casablanca through Morocco’s busy airport, the Mohammed V International Airport, in which you will reach Casablanca through a train heading to the Casa Voyageurs station. There are taxis in the station, however, some taxi drivers are dishonest and take advantage of tourists. Trams and buses are the best way to reach and roam Casablanca. You can also arrange car rental services so you can conveniently visit the entire city. The King Hassan II Mosque is unarguably the most famous attraction in Casablanca when it comes to historical structures. Its importance will interest you more than the mosque’s aesthetic appeal.  Its enormous size will take your breath away, and being a fine example of Moroccan architecture, you will surely leave its grounds in awe.


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Casablanca is proud of its Old Town where highly-preserved French colonial buildings are prominent in every turn. You will find the Old Town, or the Old Medina as locals call it, quite similar to that of Fes and Marrakesh. If you want to take home a piece of the Casablanca experience, head to the New Medina where souvenir shops are aplenty. For the colorful display of spices, fish and lots of food, head to Marche Central. The Boulevard Muhammad V is regarded as the busiest shopping strip of Casablanca. If shopping for upscale brands is your thing, Morocco Mall, the second largest shopping destination in North Africa, will best suit you.


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You should definitely go to The Corniche, known in the world as South Beach of Morocco, for a combined fun and relaxing experience. This is a favorite of tourists due to the upbeat night life and interesting dining scene. Combined with the sea breeze, clear water and golden sand, being in The Corniche can be one of your most memorable visits in Casablanca. Eating in Casablanca is an activity to look forward to. Because the life here starts quite late, most of the fine restaurants open not earlier than 7pm. The streets are lined-up with cafes serving breakfast, snacks and a variety of beverages. Freshly done juices, drinkable yogurts, sweet-smelling pastries, sweet desserts, grilled corn and meat, and the like are found in the many street stalls of Casablanca. With all these dining options, eating out in Casablanca is surely a treat.

Sofitel, City Centre Casablanca, Morocco

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Truly an adorable city, it takes more than just one day to tour all corners of Casablanca. The accommodations in this city are equally spread, all groomed for a comfortable and memorable stay. Atlas Airport Hotel is most preferred by tourists with connecting flights. For a budgeted yet descent stay, there are Hotel Terminus, Hotel Central and other inns and 3-star accommodations. For a more fashionable stay, 5-star hotels such as Hyatt Regency Casablanca, Hotel les Saisons, and Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Tower offering luxurious amenities and high-class facilities perfectly fit your kind of lifestyle.



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