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Burj Al Arab

Emerging from the Persian Gulf is a gigantic glass, sail-like structure known in the world as the trademark of modern Dubai. Burj Al Arab, or Tower of the Arabs, is the world’s lone 7-star hotel and with a height of 321 meters, it is ranked as the fourth highest hotel around the globe. Constantly hailed as the world’s most luxurious hotel, the services, amenities and facilities of Burj Al Arab speak of absolute extravagance.


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There is no other hotel in the world like Burj Al Arab. Guests are given initial royal treatment through luxury cars in the likes of Rolls Royce that ferry them across an ocean causeway to the grand hotel’s man-made island. Ushers serve rose water, coffee and dates, then guest are escorted to two-storey suites manned by personal butlers. A beholding sight of grandiose fountain, shooting water with height of 138 feet into a gold-filled atrium, welcomes the guests. The hotel’s atrium, 590 feet above the lobby, comprises about a third of the hotel’s size. The ocean blue color of the lower floor morphs into light shade of green as it reaches the ceiling. The atrium is filled with beaming 22-karat gold pillars that stretch up to a number of floors as similarly beaming spandrels find its way to intercept them.


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The massive size of the hotel only holds a limited number of floors. Each of the 28 floors owns a size of a double-story floor and houses 202 bedroom suites. The smallest suite of the hotel has a size of 1,820 sq ft and the largest room occupies an area of 8,400 sq ft. The guests get to sleep with a customized pillow from the pillow menu, and they get to have luxurious bath in its mosaic-styled bathroom filled with a full line-up of Hermes toiletries. The room has complete amenities suited for a king: lavish living room, relaxing lounge, private bar, king-sized bed, Jacuzzi and a dressing room. Personal butler provides an elaborate service as every assistance contours to the needs of the guests. Anytime, the guests can request for champagne, strawberry and caviar.


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The hotel also is proud to have eight exceptional restaurants that serve high-grade dishes.The restaurants may be distinct to each other, but they are all in harmony in granting the guests a dining experience beyond compare. From traditional Arabic cuisine to classic Asian and modern European culinary, the restaurants of Burj Al Arab all fit to be in the walls of the world’s grandest hotel.


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It took almost three years to reclaim the land from the sea and it spanned less than three years to have the Burj Al Arab constructed. It takes complex engineering, highest form of technology and cutting-edge machineries to make Burj Al Arab exist. The hotel is sitting in a 280 meter artificial island constructed offshore, secured by 230 40-meter long hard piles into the sand.  With 9000 tons of steel and 92,000 cu yd of concrete, Burj Al Arab has the power to withstand weather, wear or pressure with less damage.



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