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Kitzbuhel, Austria

The medieval city of Kitzbuhel is among the most significant centers in Austria for winter sports and other activities. Even though the local population is quite small, this doesn’t deter tourists from visiting the place. Its history of being a mining center for copper and silver has made it a very popular destination among most travelers. If you are coming from Germany, you can simply drive to Kitzbuhel and the journey is quite enjoyable with so many things to see along the way.


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In addition, the city is a popular stop point for trains which makes transportation highly convenient. While there are many attractions in Kitzbuhel, the most visited places are St. Catherine’s Church that dates back in the 13th century and the Baroque style Parish Church, Our Lady Gothic Church and the famous Tyrolean Museum.


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There is also a wide range of sporting activities available and golf courses are always a hub of activities. In winter season, there is a large variety of great ski slopes and the Hahnenkamm race is quite famous. The city is also home to several casinos and gambling is a common activity that you can engage in. In addition, shopping addicts have a lot to be gland about as the city is a hub of many shops selling low cost products of all types.


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Sports fashion is very popular in Kitzbuhel and the many boutiques found here is a representation of the domination of costume fashion in the city. There are many sports stores in the city where you can buy a wide range of equipment. The city also enjoys a great tradition of silver smithing and gold and this explains the presence of a large number of gold smiths, watchmakers and jewelers in the city. During special occasions, minting of commemorative coins happens even though in quite a limited circulation. Travelers who are interested in these coins can purchase them albeit at quite a very high transmission. Accommodation is available in a wide range of options in the city. Ordinary people can find budget accommodation options in the city and there are also high end facilities as well for those interested.


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Since historical times, Kitzbuhel has been a place of great personalities. Local legends such as Ernst Hinterseer, Anderl Molterer, Toni Sailer and Fritz Huber Jr. wrote a lot about the region’s skiing history. The locals are always very proud when sharing the history of these people with tourists and you will find it to be quite interesting. The city enjoys a unique culture with its sporting achievements, food and fashion. Kitzbuhel is one of the fanciest and best known winter sport resorts in Austria. It houses the yearly world cup ski races and includes the circuit most important event. Being such a large ski region of Austria, the city is home to more than 10000 guest house and hotel beds. With such a high density for guest accommodation, it is one of the most visited destinations by holiday makers in Europe.

Kitzbuhel Austria

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