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Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Cayman Islands refer to a group of islands on Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba. These islands are among the most visited by islanders all over the world majorly because of their outstandingly clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. In fact, most divers will tell you that this is their most favorite diving spot in Caribbean Sea. Cayman Islands also feature fine resorts and restaurants and great beaches making them an excellent destination to consider for a vacation. Some of the local gifts popularly sought after at Cayman Sea include the Cayman Logwood and Cayman Sea Salt products.


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There are several regions in Cayman Islands that you can opt to visit. The most popular one is Grand Cayman which is the largest island. Most of the local population lives in Grand Cayman and there are great tourist facilities as well. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and the other islands and commonly referred to as Sister Islands and are also popular destinations especially among local tourists.

Cayman Islands

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The capital is George Town which is the most developed part in Cayman region. However, tourists still travel to other destinations such as the Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman, the national historic site of Pedro St. James, Queen Elizabeth II botanic park, Rum Point, Boatswain’s beach and Stingray City. Tourism is the main activity in Cayman Islands and mostly attract the luxurious market of tourists especially North Americans. Cayman Islands receive over 3 million tourists per year even though most of them will just come for a single day cruise.


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Even though Cayman Islands receive such an incredibly great number of tourists, nearly all of the consumer goods and food used at the island is imported. Caymanians are known to have among the highest world living standards and Cayman Islands are among the richest world islands especially in the Caribbean where they outshine most of the others.


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The area enjoys a tropical marine climate characterized by rainy, warm summers between the months of May to October and their winters are cool and relatively dry making them a perfect time for a great vacation. Grand Cayman unfortunately suffered the devastating effects of a Hurricane Ivan in 2004. So, while planning a holiday vacation to Cayman Islands you should consider the possibility of a hurricane especially between June and November.


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Even though Caymanians are more liberal compared to other islanders on the Caribbean Sea, they are relatively conservative. Locals and foreigners are discouraged from displaying their affection publicly whether straight or gay. Homosexual tourists are relatively accepted in the Cayman Islands and homosexuals are relatively discriminated even though it is against the government policy.


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The crime rate in Cayman Islands is relatively low but tourists are advised to be very careful when visiting Grand Cayman. While riding a bicycle and walking are common activities at night, this can be quite risky especially along the dark roads where you are exposed to risks of robbery and being assaulted. Hit and run car accidents are also a serious problem in Cayman Islands and you should be very careful.



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