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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam serves as the capital city of the kingdom of Netherlands. The city has a population of over one million inhabitants and it is the largest city in the country, serving as its financial, creative and cultural center. Colloquially, Amsterdam has been named as the Venice of the North, largely due to the lovely canals crisscrossing the city and its highly impressive architecture as well as the over 1500 bridges. Here, Amsterdam is guaranteed of something fascinating regardless of whether they prefer serious partying, history and culture or just enjoying the charm offered by this old European City. The old center is the most visited part of Amsterdam and is the medieval centre. It is popular for its canals, traditional architecture and many coffee and shopping outlets.


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The historic city centre of Amsterdam is among the largest in Europe with more than 7 000 recognized historic buildings. The city was least affected by World War II and bombing activities in the city were minimal meaning that most of these buildings are still intact. However, most of the buildings that were made with wood have barely survived the test of time. There are two iconic medieval wooden houses that survive and are among the top attractions in Amsterdam. Churches and synagogues form a great part of attractions in Amsterdam and depict the freedom of culture and religion in Amsterdam since historical times. As Netherlands has been a protestant country since the historic era, you can expect that most of the churches are based on this aspect of Christianity.


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Some of the most visited religious centers in Amsterdam include Oude Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk, Zuiderkerk, Noorderker and Westerkerk among others. There are some hidden churches in Amsterdam as well like the Amsetelkring Museum which is definitely a must visit and is still usable up to date. Amsterdam museums house amazing collections of art, porn, cannabis and vodka masterpieces. During the peak season in summer, most of the well known museums are extremely overcrowded and are places that you surely can’t afford to miss. The Anne Frank House is one of the top quality museums and primarily highlights the kind of discrimination and persecution conducted on Jewish people.


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The Rijksmuseum is a world class museum with some of the best painting collections dating back to Dutch Golden Age. Works of some famous artists that you shouldn’t overlook are Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Watch, Jan Steen and Frans Hals. The locals in Amsterdam spend hot summer days in parks especially the Vondelpark as it offers a relaxing, convivial atmosphere. Even though modern architecture is not well represented in Amsterdam as such, you will definitely find some iconic structures as well.


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The top ones include Museum of Amsterdam School, Eastern Docklands and others. For budget travelers, there is also an option of enjoying Amsterdam for free. You can spend a day in the city without spending any penny like strolling along canals, visiting the famous Albert Cuypstraat market or relaxing in Vondelpark which is quite fascinating.



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