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Banff, Canada

Located in Alberta Rockies in Alberta province, Banff is one of the towns found in Banff National Park, and it is the larger of the two. Tucked in the mountains, Banff is a few hours drive from Jasper and Calgary. International visitors can easily access Banff National Park through Calgary International Airport. The town is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Banff is majorly a touristic town and most of the locals are seasonal workers who come from around the world but mostly from Canada. The popularity of Banff stems from its convenience in seeing spectacular sceneries with little effort. However, this convenience has also attracted large crowds making it a less attractive place for a tourist looking for real back country or solitude experience.


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Banff National Park, Canada

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Banff is one of the best places you can stay for an extended period of time. There are so many clubs and restaurants to visit as well as many activities and tours to keep tourists extremely busy. Visiting Banff during winter season will allow you to easily access the nearby ski regions of Sunshine, Norquay, Lake Louise and Nakiska. Canadian Rockies in Banff provide highly spectacular sceneries that will keep you thrilled. Trying to see everything in a short period of time can be rather daunting and tiresome. The friendly local guides offer informative and fun sightseeing tours around and in Banff in highly comfortable vehicles.


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Like most mountain towns such as Banff, you will experience a different character during summer and winner. You will find decent restaurants and bars as well as too many boutiques and souvenir shops. The annual Banff Mountain Festival attracts tourists from all over the world where a large collection of many international films are featured on mountain and adventure culture.


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This event is very popular and it is attended by people of all sorts of life like the average Joes, backcountry enthusiasts and weekend warriors. The Basin National Historic Site marks the birthplace of National Park system in Canada and you will also find several short nature trails. The Banff National Park Museum is a place to see most of the animals that you have always missed and bear sightings are guaranteed.


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Banff Upper Hot Springs has all the amenities you would expect to find in modern facilities. This historic bathhouse and spa has luxurious and soothing water where tourists visit to get the waters. The Banff Centre is a world respected center for arts and culture and features events and performances with music, dance, opera, theater, books, film, visual arts and new media.


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The Whyte Museum of Canadian Rockies is a place for family visits and offers everything ranging from culture, art, natural and human history of Canadian Rockies. Another spectacular sight in Banff is the Banff Gondola where you will find a gift shop, restaurant, observation deck and a boardwalk. There are also many enjoyable indoor activities in Banff such as waterslides , bowling movie theatre and a recreation centre that offers a swimming pool, steam room, hot tub, squash courts and climbing wall activities.



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