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Toronto, Canada

With a population of nearly 3 million people, Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and it is also the provincial headquarter of Ontario. It is one of the mightiest cities in North Africa. Thanks to Canada’s highly liberal policies on immigration and the strong economy of the region, Toronto has grown to become one of the most ethnically and most culturally cities in the world. There are over 80 ethnic communities living in Toronto today with about half of them not being born in Canada. Old Toronto is largely dominated by Yonge Street that cuts the district into two and its home to islands, midtown and downtown.


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Etobicoke district in Toronto is composed of suburban homes and industrial districts. The area houses Sherway Gardens, St. George golf course and Woodbine Racetrack. York used to be a separate city and despite being among the smallest, it is highly ethnically diverse than most of the other areas in Toronto. East York has for long being the only borough in Canada being amalgamation. North York is very popular with tourists as it houses Parc Downsview Park which is the first urban national park in Canada.


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You will also find North York Performing Center of Arts and Downsview Airport. While Scarborough shares some characteristics with old Toronto, it nevertheless has its own flavor and character. Given its Bluffs topography, the Rouge Valley as well as minor tributaries and creeks, it is regarded as the leafiest and greenest part of Toronto city.


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The modern day Toronto city was formed after the amalgamation of the cities of Scarborough, Toronto, Etobicoke, York and Etobicoke. It came to be known as the 416 or Metropolitan Toronto. Neighborhoods in Toronto are many and bustling with life and street signs written in different languages. Due to its cultural diversity, Toronto stages numerous ethnic festivals all year round. There are many radio stations in the city which broadcast in different languages and about two multicultural TV channels. Officially, there are 16 unique languages in Toronto. Even some of the large shopping stores like The bay advertises in nine different languages even English still remains as Toronto’s lingua franca.


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On the whole, Toronto is a cool place but visitors can expect variable conditions. Winters are pretty cold and visitors must be prepared for this as it can be accompanied by uncomfortably windy and snowy times. The best time for visiting Toronto is early fall or early summer or late spring with comfortably less crowds and cool nights. The peak season in Toronto is during mid-summer even though the city tends to remain vibrant during the winter season as well.


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Heating and air conditioning are standard in most of the public buildings in Toronto. CN Tower is one of the most iconic structures not just in Toronto but in the whole of North America, the Canadian National Exhibition is an annual agricultural show held in the city with a record attendance of nearly 1.5 million. Toronto remains as the most visited city in Canada and one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.



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