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Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and serves as the capital of the state of Victoria. The city is the cultural capital of Austria as depicted by the Victoria- era architecture, museums, art galleries, extensive shopping, large parks, beautiful gardens and many theaters. The four million people living in Melbourne are not just multicultural but also mad with sports. There are so many reasons that would prompt you to visit the city of Melbourne ranging from attending major sports events held in the city, visiting the Philip Island to see the famous penguin parade and exploring nearby regions like Grampians National Park and Great Ocean Road. Most visitors to Melbourne from UK come to film the famous soap opera known as Neighbors.


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Australia boasts of having Melbourne as its cultural capital and this is one of the reasons that make this place a hot tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. The city has many film festivals, art galleries, opera and choral productions, orchestras, vibrant live music scenes as well as a strong culture for food, coffee and wine. Many clubs and bars some strict regulations on dressing and men might be required to dress in shoes and collars before entering.


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Major event you should know about are such as Melbourne International Film Festival held in August, International Art Festival held in October as well as Melbourne Comedy Festival held in April. Besides this, tourists flock to Melbourne to attend the many exhibitions and concerts held throughout the year.


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Webb Bridge

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Besides Melbourne Museum, the city is also home to many other special museums that are dedicated to specific subjects like Chinese history, immigration, science, sport, Jewish history, racing, moving image and film, banking and police. Melbourne residents are very passionate about sports with most of them being football enthusiasts. In fact, AFL or Australian Football League that was invented in this city is not just a sport in Melbourne but a religion. Another popular sport in Melbourne is horse racing and during the Melbourne horse racing cup, the day is celebrated as a public holiday. During summer, foreign tourists travel to the city for Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Australia National Sports Museum has completely been dedicated as a multi sports museum.


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The city center is sufficient to keep any traveler busy throughout his entire vacation thanks to the many theatres, cafes, live music and so much more. The Flinders Street Railway Station is regarded as the city’s landmark. Other attractions in Melbourne are such as the Eureka Tower, Victoria Parliament House, and State Library, Queen Victoria Market, immigration museum, police museum and the old Melbourne Gaol Jail.

Melbourne (Australia) travel guide

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In Carlton, Melbourne, you will find other unique attractions like the Melbourne Museum, IMAX Cinema and the Royal Carlton Gardens. At Koorie Heritage Trust, you will learn about aboriginal history and culture. You can also go to a comedy club, watch AFL football match and check in a pub or a bar in the city to listen to live music.


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