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Luxor, Egypt

The name Luxor literary means palaces. Luxor is the premier tourist destination in the Nile Valley and Upper Egypt. The city serves as the religious and dynastic capital of both the New Kingdom Egypt and Middle Kingdom Egypt. There is so much to see and enjoy in Luxor ranging from the vast temples and ancient royal tombs to the river sceneries, a bustling city life and the historical royal tombs.


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Even though Luxor is quite small considering the population standards of Egypt, the city is rather extensive and has been divided into several areas where you can find the main tourist attractions. East Bank is home to Luxor Temple, The Museum, and Temple of Karnak, restaurants, hotels and trains. West Bank is home to major ruins which include the Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens as well as other attractions and some hotels.


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Thebes, the old Egyptian capital was located on West Nile bank and here is the place where you will find most tombs and ruins. The modern Luxor city is actually on East bank and the area has numerous bus stations and trains, restaurants and hotels, tourist shops and several museums. Most tourists tend to stay East Bank but recent times have seen many independent tourists going to West bank as well. Foreign can fly in to Luxor via the Luxor International Airport where Egyptair maintains internal flights. Cycling is a common activity in Luxor and there are so many shops where you can hire a bike or a motorcycle to tour around the city conveniently.


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There are many things to see and do in Luxor such as Valley of Kings, temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor, Tombs of Nobles, Medinet Habu and Ramesseum Temple. Most tourists are also fond of walking from valley of Queens through the desert to the cliffs of Valley of Kings. You can hire a bike for riding around the Ancient Themes where you will see many of the historical ruins.


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Felucca cruises are also offered on the Nile. Alternatively, you can hire a camel, horse or donkey and ride it around Luxor and go the Pharaoh’s Stables. With one of these animals, you will be able to visit areas where most of the big coaches can not go and you will get a chance of enjoying real Egypt which is characterized by a relaxed lifestyle and friendly people.


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You can always expect a different experience every day while visiting West Bank Luxor by a donkey or horse and local guides will be gland to assist you along the way. Horses are available for both the beginners and experienced rides. Make sure that you also take Nile ride and the Sunset ride. After visiting the temples and tombs in a dusty day, make sure that you go swimming in a swimming in a hotel. Another unique option of visiting ancient Pharaoh land is using hot air balloons offered by many companies in Luxor. Shopping in Luxor is always worthy your time and you can take home many items such as the Egyptian artifacts.



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