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The Caribbean island of Barbados in north eastern sides of Venezuela is widely portrayed as Little Britain due to its colonization by Britain. There are eleven parishes in Barbados Island and the locals are referred to as Bajans. The island’s capital city is Bridgetown and it is the most developed place on the island. Southern Barbados is home to St. Lawrence Gap, the liveliest area in Barbados that is full of restaurants and bars and also home to Grantley Adamas International Airport. West coast has many deluxe resorts as well as numerous historical sites that offer you picturesque views of the island.


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There is also a very beautiful Botanical garden in Barbados that has a lot of fauna information and attracts numerous of visitors in Barbados. You can experience a great cricket game in Barbados also. The second most popular attraction in Barbados is Harrison’s Cave in St. Thomas after the famous Oistins Fish Fry. It is a place where you get to visit the underground caves that have stalactites, small waterfalls, pools, stalagmites and other attractions.


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Barbados is also a place where you can experience world class water sporting activities like Soup Bowl which is a climax for surfing. You can as well go windsurfing at the Silver Sands. Travelling inland will lead you to several plantation houses where you can enjoy great exhibitions and meals. The Barbados wildlife reserve is well known for the famous animal flower cave and also worthy visiting.


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Diving is one of the must do things in Caribbean and Barbados is not an exception. If you are not courageous enough to go diving, the waters here will allow you to get very close the sunken ships, corals, tropical fish and other marine life. Barbados has very transparent and clear waters for scuba diving and a great way of exploring coral reefs. Nightclubbing in Barbados is simply awesome like Boat Yard and Harbour Lights. St. Lawrence Gap is home to a strip of world class bars, hotels and restaurants.


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For adventurous tourists, ziplining is a great thing to enjoy over a gully. You can as well as swim with sea turtles and you can have lots of fun as enjoy a unique experience. Even though Barbados is known to be a generally safe destination, crime rate has considerably increased in the recent pass. High risky activities such as taking a walk on a secluded beach should be avoided which includes some residential neighborhoods that can be very risky. As such, tourists should be cautious about shortchanging, robbery and taxi fraud. Drugs in Barbados have always been a very common problem and tourists are advised to keep of drugs especially at the beaches.


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In Barbados, tourists are expected to dress in a conservative manner unless when beaching. As such, going to church or wandering around town in a bikini won’t be appreciated. Most Bajans love fun and are friendly to tourists. Tourists should also keep certain views to themselves such as on homosexuals and politics.



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