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Dominica -Travel Guide

The Caribbean island of Dominica is located between North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea close to the Trinidad and Tobago island Puerto Rico. Dominica is widely known as the Caribbean Nature Island largely because of the varied and spectacular flora and fauna. The country also has an extensive system of natural parks. Its tropical climate is moderated by the northeastern trade winds. A major threat on the island is the heavy rainfalls and flash floods. Summer months are at times accompanied by destructive hurricanes. The rugged volcanic mountains sometimes make travelling around Dominica difficult at times. The capital of this island nation is in Roseau and the second largest city is Portsmouth which is home to the large Ross University.

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Scott’s Head is quite a beautiful village in Dominica that is best known for its hot snorkeling and scuba spots. Calibishie is a nearby fishing village which offers a mind blowing experience of palm fringed sandy beaches, tumbling waterfalls and secluded bathing pools as well as lush vegetation and exotic birds. The Waitukubuli National Trail in Cabrits National Park includes wilderness trails and it is a great place to go for a memorable trailing experience. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site in Caribbean and it is home to a wide range of attractions including the Boiling Lake, Boeri Lake, Middleham Falls and Fresh Water Lake. The Champagne is one of the best spots for snorkeling with interesting coral and fish.

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The central region of Dominica is lushly forested and has several villages worthy a visit such as Belles, Dleau Gommier, Penrice, Stone Hill and Wet Area. The Jacco Estate is presently the Maroons headquarters and has large coffee plantations. There are many restaurants in Roseau, wonderful mountain views and small shops. You will find street vendors selling some clothes along the sidewalks and barbecues as well. You can also visit the old British Fort at Portsmouth even though you will have to pay a small entry fee. Other interesting activities apart from snorkeling include scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing and a wide range of other water sporting activities such as kayaking, boat tours, dolphin and whale watching.

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The Carib made baskets are local handcrafts which you can buy as gifts. Music is well known in Dominica and you can buy different music genres like dance hall, reggae, jazz, calypso and soca and a few others. A great eating place is the Black Boys Bar where you can get a bite for bakes, codfish, fried plantains, tamarind balls and fried fish. Fortunately, Dominica boasts as one of safest destinations you can visit in the Caribbean. Unlike other islands, Dominica has no poisonous insects and snakes so you have nothing to worry about. However, usual travel precautions need to be taken. Just like other cities, Roseau is not immune from petty crimes and you need to stay alert as you walk around. Foreign tourists are advised not to practice sodomy as it is illegal and can lead to arrests and heavy fines or a jail sentence.



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