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Chile is a country that stretches along the South American coast hedging itself between Pacific Ocean and the Ades. It borders Argentina, Bolivia and Peru to the easy, north east and north respectively. Its wide spread coastline is over 5000 km along South Pacific Ocean. With its ribbon- like unusual shape, Chile experiences varied climatic conditions. It is home to Atacama, the driest desert in the desert which has vast mineral resources such as copper. Religion restrictions are not present in Chile and the most dominant religion is Roman Catholic and 75 percent followed by evangelical at 15 percent. Northern Chile houses the Atacama Desert, Andean highlands and archaeological ruins. Central Chile is the heart and soul of this country which features main cities in the country, best ski resorts and famous vineyards.


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The largest city in Chile and also the national capital is Santiago followed by Concepcion city. Most of the tourist attractions in Chile are found in Iquique city. Another quite charming city is La Serena which also has many things to see and do. Valparaiso is the main port in Chile which has recently been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main attractions in Vina del Mar city are beaches, the iconic music festivals and a great casino. Valdivia city has been nicknamed as ‘City of River’s and rebuilding efforts are underway after it was hit by the world’s strongest earthquake in history that nearly crippled it. Other touristy destinations in Chile include the San Pedro de Atacama, Chiloe, Torres del Paine National Park, numerous ski resorts and Robin Crusoe Island among other great destinations.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

Image Source: wikipedia.org

Chile is also known to have the largest pool for recreation in the world at San Alfonso del Mar Resort. Santa Lucia Park is in Santiago and one of the best places to relax after spending a hectic time in the city. Sleeping options are many and varied especially in the big cities. Some of the well known hotel chains are also found in Chile such as Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz, Kempinsky and Sheraton. There are also some little hotels and hostels that are a great accommodation option for the adventurous and budget travelers. Chile is currently marketing itself as one of the best places for international studies. This is well represented by the many universities and educational centers that has mushroomed the country for the past decade.

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Image Source: wikimedia.org


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Just as you would expect in a South American country, Chile is definitely not the safest place in the world. In fact, muggings and pick pocketing are not unusual here and it is important that you keep off some of the risky places and stay alert always. Also, avoid walking around with expensive looking watches or jewelry as you might be a target by thieves. If you are using your laptop in the restaurants, thieves might prey on you as well and you need to do it tactfully and avoid open places. Physical attacks on foreign visitors in Chile have also been reported especially at night.



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